How to Disable Discord Account?

Discord is the most frequently used application typically designed for gamers to engage with the gaming community through the servers. The users can disable the Discord account in the settings if they are tired of utilizing Discord and want to cut it off for a short time. Doing this, the user will be kicked from all joined servers and their associated data. The main benefit of disabling the Discord account is that the user can re-activate it at any time.

This post will cover the method to disable the Discord account.

How to Disable Discord Account on Desktop App?

To disable the Discord account on the Desktop application, users are required to transfer the Discord servers ownership. For this purpose, go through the given instructions.

Step 1: Access User’s Settings

Open the Discord application and access the user’s settings by pressing the “Gear” icon as shown:

Step 2: Disable Account

In the “My Account” section, scroll down and press the “Disable Account” button:

The account won’t be disabled if the user owns any servers until the “ownership is transferred“. As in our case, the pop-up window that appears on the screen informs us that to disable the account, we must first transfer ownership of the server:

Step 3: Access Owned Server’s Settings

Open the particular server that is owned by you and click on the server name drop-down menu as pointed below:

Next, click on the “Server Settings” option to access the server settings:

Step 4: Select Member

Go to the “Members” option and click on the 3 dots for the particular member to whom you want to transfer the ownership of server:

Step 5: Transfer Ownership

Then, transfer the ownership of the server by clicking on the “Transfer Ownership” option:

Again click on the “Transfer Ownership” button to proceed:

Transferring the ownership will require the verification code that will be sent to the user’s mail. Enter the code and hit the “Transfer Ownership”:

The ownership will be transferred to the preferred member.

Step 6: Disable Account

Now, go to the “My Account” settings and press the “Disable Account” button. Then, provide the password for the account and disable it by pressing the “Disable Account”:

That’s how the Discord account is disabled.

How to Disable Discord Account on Mobile App?

To disable the Discord account from the mobile app, perform the subsequent steps.

Step 1: Access User’s Settings

Open Discord and press the “Profile” icon to access the user’s settings:

Step 2: Enter Account Settings

From the settings, open the “Account” settings as guided:

Step 3: Disable Account

Then, scroll down and press the “Disable Account” to disable the account:

Step 4: Enter the Password

Finally, enter the password of the account and disable the account by pressing “Okay” button:

This is all about disabling the Discord account.


To disable the Discord account, first, open the Discord user settings. Then, navigate to the “My Account” settings, scroll down to the end, and press the “Disable Account” button to disable the account. The user who owns a server is required to transfer the ownership of the server to another member before disabling the Discord account. This write-up has instructed the step-by-step guide to disable the Discord account.