How do I Use Different Fonts on Discord

Discord offers a wide array of formatting options that allow users to enhance their messages and make them more visually appealing. These formatting options can be utilized to modify the appearance of text, such as making it bold, italic, or underlined. Moreover, there are some third-party tools also available that can be utilized to write in different fonts.

In this article, we will provide the approaches to writing in Discord in different fonts.

What are Discord Fonts?

Discord fonts refer to the various styles and designs in which text can be displayed within the Discord platform. These fonts allow users to deviate from the default font style and experiment with different visual representations of their messages. Users can make their text messages stand out and more appealing by using different styles and fonts.

Why Use Different Fonts in Discord?

Using different fonts in Discord can enhance the visual appearance of the messages. These fonts can make the message more engaging and eye-catching and also users can emphasize a certain part regarding any part of that message.

Methods to Write in Different Fonts in Discord

There are multiple methods available to write in different fonts in Discord. Let’s explore three popular approaches: using Markdown formatting, utilizing Discord bots, and leveraging third-party websites and tools.

Writing in Different Fonts Using Markdown Formatting

Markdown formatting is a lightweight syntax that allows users to add formatting elements to plain text. Discord supports Markdown, enabling users to stylize their messages with various font effects.

Displaying Bold Text

In order to bold the text, the user can use a double asterisk (**) before and after the text. For example, if a user writes: “Welcome to **Its Linux Foss**”, then only the part of “Its Linux Foss” gets bold as shown in the image below: 

Italicizing Text

To italicize the text, put the single asterisk “*” on both sides of the text. For example, the text “Welcome to *Its Linux Foss*” will only italicize the “Its Linux Foss” part, and the remaining text will be the same as shown below:

Underlining Text

To underline a specific text a user needs to place two underlines (__) on each side of that text. For example, in the text “Welcome to __Its Linux Foss__”, only the “Its Linux Foss” part will be underlined as shown below:

Strikethrough Formatting

To apply a strikethrough effect on the text in Discord, a user can place double tilde symbols (~~) around the desired phrase or word. For example, in the text “Welcome to ~~Its Linux Foss~~”, the strikethrough will only be applied to the text “Its Linux Foss” as shown below:

Combining Formatting Styles

A user can also apply two different formats two the text as well, for example, writing “Welcome to ***Its Linux Foss***” will bold and italicize both to the text “Its Linux Foss” as below:

Bold and Underline

Similarly, a user can bold and underline text as well but the characters on the left side should be opposite to the character on the right side. One such example is “Welcome to **__Its Linux Foss__**”. If the characters on both sides are the same, no noticeable change will occur in the appearance of the text as shown below:

Bold and Strikethrough

The same thing can be done to bold and strikethrough the test where a user needs to replace the two underscores (__) with two tildes (~~) such as “Welcome to **~~Its Linux Foss~~**”:

Write in Different Fonts Using Third-Party Websites and Tools

Online font generators provide a user-friendly interface where users can enter their desired text and select from a wide range of font styles and effects. These generators instantly transform their text into the selected font, allowing them to preview and choose the one that suits their preferences.

One such online font generator is “LingoJam” which can be accessed by clicking on this link and is available for free. When a user opens this link then they need to write their desired text on the left side and the modified text based on different fonts will appear on the right side:

Different Fonts in Discord7

After that, copy the changed text and use it in the server text channel or in DMs.


Discord’s application comes with built-in formatting options, such as italics, bold, underline, and strikethrough that can be applied to add emphasis and variation to the text. Additionally, third-party tools like LingoJam can also provide lots of different fonts.