How to Enable Mic in Chrome For Discord?

Discord is the most frequently used application for sharing and communication purposes and is accessible on different platforms such as mobile, browser, and on desktop. Its support for Chrome browser is also available through which the user can utilize Discord with all its features. However, the mic problem can be faced while using Discord in a browser that might occur due to the mic being disabled from Chrome settings.

This post will demonstrate the step-by-step procedure to enable the mic from Chrome for discord usage.

How to Enable the Mic in Chrome For Discord?

Sometimes, Discord users may face difficulty while accessing the mic on the browser and encounter the error message “MICROPHONE ACCESS IS DENIED” as shown below: 

To enable the mic in Chrome for Discord, go through the below-given steps.

Step 1: Open Chrome Settings

To open the Chrome settings, first, press the “Three dots” icon from the top right corner of the screen. Then, press the “Settings” option: 

Step 2: Visit “Privacy and Security” Settings

Next, visit the “Privacy and security” settings as shown below:

Step 3: Open Site Settings

From the given interface, choose the “Site settings” option:

Step 4: Open Microphone Settings 

Then, click on the “Microphone” settings option:

Step 5: Remove Discord Site

Here, you will find that Discord is added to the section in which the microphone is not allowed. Simply remove it by clicking on the “Bin” icon:

Step 6: Allow Microphone Access (In Discord)

In the next step, open the Discord on browser from its official website, turn on the microphone of discord by hitting the highlighted “Microphone” icon, and press the “Allow” button to enable the mic in Chrome for Discord:

Step 7: Verification

From the below output, you can see that we have enabled the Discord microphone in Chrome:

That’s all about enabling the mic in Chrome for Discord.


To enable the microphone in Chrome for Discord, first, open the Chrome settings. Then, visit the “Site settings” under the “Privacy and Security” setting. After that, open the “Microphone” settings and remove Discord from the “Not allowed to use your microphone” list. Next, launch the Discord browser app and enable the mic in Chrome for Discord. This write-up has demonstrated the step-by-step guide to enable the mic in Chrome for Discord.