How to Fetch Discord Token in the Browser?

In the browser, when the users log in to their Discord account, a token is generated that contains the login details of the particular user. It consists of special characters, numbers, and letters that developers utilize to give full access to the Discord account. When the password of the Discord account is changed the authorization token will update automatically.

This post will guide how to fetch the Discord token in the browser.

How to Fetch Discord Token in Browser?

Follow the step-by-step instructions to fetch the Discord token in the browser.

Step 1: Log In to Discord

First, access the Discord official site, and log in to your Discord account:

After that, the Discord interface will be opened on the screen as shown below:

Step 2: Access Inspect Mode

Next, access the inspect mode of the browser by pressing the “Ctrl+Shift+I”. Then, hit the “Network” tab:

Step 3: Refresh the Page

After entering the “Network” menu, refresh the Discord Page by using the “F5” key:

Step 4: Filter With “/api”

Once the page refreshes, search for the “/api” in the “Filter” section and choose the “library” option from the search results:

Step 5: Fetch the Token

Next, navigate to the “Headers” tab, scroll down, and look for the “authorization” option that is holding the user Discord token:

Warning: Do not share your Discord token with anyone else as it contains critical information about login that can lead to hacking your account.


To fetch the Discord token, go to the Discord official site and log in to your account. Next, access the “Inspect Mode” of the browser through the “Ctrl+Shift+I” key. After that, visit the “Network” tab, refresh the page, filter the “/api” search, and open the “library” option. Then, from the “Header” menu, scroll down to the “authorization” option that contains the Discord token. This write-up has enlightened the procedure to fetch the Discord token in the browser.