How to Go Live on Discord?

Discord is a popular application that provides voice and video chat features to engage the community audience. One of its most important features is to go live by screen sharing of your choices such as a particular application screen or webcam. It is useful in a way when multiple users want to watch the same gameplay, movies, or any other programs together.

This article will cover the method to go live on the Discord application.

How to Go Live on Discord?

To go live on the Discord application, go through the below-given steps.

Step 1: Launch Discord

First, launch the Discord application via the “Startup” menu: 

Step 2: Join Voice Channel & Share Screen

In the next step, first, open the server from the left menu bar. Click on the voice channel and hit the “Screen share” icon to share the screen:

Note: if you want to go live by webcam, just click on the “Video” icon from just beside the “Screen share” option:

Step 3: Select Screen and Go Live

From the given interface, choose the desired screen. In our case, the current screen application is clicked:

Once the screen is selected, users can adjust the screen resolution and frame rate but these features are available with Nitro subscription only. After that, click on the “Go Live” button to go live:

Here, we have successfully started the live streaming which can be verified from the below image:

That’s all about how to go live on Discord.


Discord provides the feature to go live with either screen sharing or a webcam. To start the live streaming or to go live on Discord, first, open the server, select the voice channel, and hit the “Screen share” icon. After that, select the screen you want to share and hit the “Go Live” button. This write-up has provided step-by-step instructions to go live on Discord.