How Many Discord Servers Can You Join?

Discord is a communication platform that is becoming popular among all communities whether they are gamers or students. Because of the popularity of the Discord server, the number of Discord users is rapidly increasing. When the number of users increases, the more maintenance is required of the servers due to which it is suggested to limit the users on the server.  

In this post, we will try to understand the Discord server and find the answer to the question “How many Discord servers can you join”.

What is the Discord Server?

Discord is a social platform where all people can join the servers to communicate with each other. Each Discord server can be unique depending on the interest of the community which is using them. Users can share screens, go live, send files and images other than voice and text messages. 

Discord also provides the feature to make the privacy of the server public or private depending on the user’s interest. 

What is the Discord Server Limitation?

The Discord server provides some limitations to provide the best experience to its users and also they believe in quality rather than quantity. The server limitations of Discord are:

  • Maximum Server Limit: The Discord server by default allows only 100 users to join the Discord server. This means that every single user can join a maximum of 100 servers at a time. 
  • Server Boosting: The users can use the boost either Nitro or Nitro Classic to allow more than 100 users to join the personal server. 

What are the Factors of Discord Server Limitations?

Different factors that are responsible for the Discord server limitations are:

  • Server Size: When the Discord user creates an account on Discord, small storage is assigned to them on the server. This storage increases with the increased activity of the users in Discord. A huge number of users can use a huge amount of storage which in turn impacts the performance of the Discord server. 
  • Server Maintenance: When the number of users increases in the Discord server, the maintenance of the server is also required. 
  • Server Activities: With the limitation of the Server in Discord, the users can engage in maximum activities to enjoy the best experience of the Discord server. 

How to Join Servers in Discord?

The users of Discord can join the servers by following the instructions explained in the blog available on our website:


In Discord, 100 servers can join by a single user at a time, however, this restriction can be removed and users can join more than 100 servers by using a subscription. The subscription, either Nitro or Nitro Classic, allows its users to join servers more than 100 with other benefits. In this post, the factors of the server limitation have also been discussed with the server limitation.