How to Setup the Public Discord Server on Mobile?

Discord servers are considered for creating a community of members to engage with them. These servers are used to share social activities, gaming streams, personal and motivational thoughts, and many more. When the user creates any server, it is created privately by default. It means that other Discord users can’t join the server until they are invited to join. However, the user can create a public Discord server to make it accessible to all members.

This post will demonstrate the method to set up the public Discord server on a mobile app.

How to Set Up the Public Discord Server on Mobile App?

To set up the public Discord server on the mobile app, check out the steps in the given instructions.

Step 1: Create a Server

Open Discord mobile app and create the server by clicking on the “+” icon:

After that, choose the server type like Gaming, School Club, and Friends. In our case the “Create My Own” server option is chosen: 

Then, provide some extra information about the server like if you are creating a server for friends or for the club community, and proceed: 

Step 2: Enter the Server Name

Set the server name to create it and hit the “Create Server” button:

For instance, we have created an “itslinuxfoss” server.

Step 3: Access Server Settings

After the server is created, select the server from the left menu bar and click on the server name:

Then, hit the “Settings” icon to access the server settings:

Step 4: Configure Community Settings

From the server settings, click on the “Enable Community” option:

Press the “Get Started” button and proceed:

Step 5: Turn On Server Safety

From the given interface, turn on the server safety for email verification and scanning messages and hit the “Next” button:

Step 6: Pick Channel For Announcements

Now, select the channel for announcements. For instance, we have selected the “general” channel. After that, click on the “Next” button:

Step 7: Accept Rules and Permissions

The final step is to accept the rules and permissions by turning on their respective toggles. Then, press the “Finish Setup”:

The public Discord server is created and can be verified in the following image:

That’s all about setting up the public Discord server on the mobile app.


To set up the public Discord server on the mobile app, create the Discord server and then configure the “Enable Community” in the server settings. Configuring “Enable Community” settings will require some permissions and rules to be set. This write-up has illustrated the procedure to set up the public Discord server on the mobile app.