How to Add and Use EPIC RPG on Discord

Discord is an online communication app that allows its users to communicate through messages and calls. It also supports screen share and live-streaming features, which makes it the most popular app among the gamer community specifically. Discord also supports the use of bots, which are invited to the servers and act like the members of your servers. They are capable of performing different tasks within the server. Discord, being the popular platform among gamers, does support some gaming bots as well. EPIC RPG is one of the popular gaming bots on Discord.

In this article, the following topics are covered related to the EPIC RPG bot on Discord:

  1. How to Add EPIC RPG on Discord
  2. How to Use EPIC RPG on Discord
  3. How to Kick EPIC RPG Bot from Discord Server

How to Add EPIC RPG on Discord

EPIC RPG is an economy Discord gaming bot that provides a themed Role Playing Game (RPG) in which you can advance and excel by clearing dungeons. It rewards its players’ achievements with Experience Points (XP) and coins. Players can participate in hunts, arenas, and quests to gain XP. The main achievement in the game is considered to be defeating the boss. If you are willing to use the EPIC RPG bot on your Discord, then below is the step-by-step guide on how to add EPIC RPG on Discord:

Step 1: Browse EPIC RPG Bot

Open your browser, search “Add EPIC RPG bot to Discord server” and from the displayed links click on the website. This is a highly rated website, so it is a good choice to pick this site for adding the bot:

Step 2: Invite the Bot to Your Server

Click on Invite to invite this bot to your server:

Step 3: Choose Your Server

A window appears to confirm your server choice. From the Add To Server, choose the name of the server in which you want to invite this bot. Hit Continue to proceed further:

Step 4: Authorize Permissions

Read the permissions and hit Authorize to grant the permissions to the bot within your server:

Step 5: Verify Your Identity

Verify that you are human by checking the captcha box:

After successful verification, the EPIC RPG bot is ready to serve in the selected server:

How to Use EPIC RPG on Discord

After adding the bot to your server successfully, follow the below-given guide to using the EPIC RPG bot on Discord:

Step 1: Open Discord

Open the start menu by pressing the Win+S keys from your keyboard and type Discord. Click on Open to launch the app:

Step 2: Preview the Added EPIC RPG Bot on Your Server

Open the text channel of your selected to verify the presence of the EPIC RPG bot. In my case, it is MyFriends server. Go to the members list from the top right as highlighted in the image below to preview the added bot:

Step 3: Insert Command to Execute

From the chat box, type commands to perform different operations using this bot. The first command I chose to type is /help, this command provides the list of available commands and makes it easy to understand the workings of the bot. On typing /help command, two suggestions popped up in my server as the MEE6 bot is also added, and its help is also available. I chose help command of EPIC RPG bot to execute:

After picking the help command of the desired bot, another suggestion pops up to select a specific topic on which you might need help. To get a general help guide, I chose to hit Enter without selecting any additional topic:


After executing the command, a guide about all the available commands in the EPIC RPG bot appears in the chat:

Insert /profile Command

If you are willing to see your current statistics, type /profile in the chat box. This will pop up the suggestions to further add profile details. You can choose your own profile or another player’s profile to see the statistics:

I chose to see my own profile for overviewing the statistics, as highlighted in the image below:


All the statistics of the user are generated and sent in the chat by the bot as the output of the command:

Insert /achievement progress Command

Use the /achievement progress command to view the badges and titles that the player has earned playing the bot:

Choose the page number of the category in which you want to see the progress:


When the command is executed the achievement progress is sent in the chat by the bot as the output.

Use of /start Command

If you are new to EPIC RPG and don’t know how to play, you can type /start and send in the chat to learn how to play the game. This command will generate the whole guide about playing the game:

Commands List of EPIC RPG Bot

There are multiple commands for the EPIC RPG bot to execute different functions. Here are some of the most commonly used commands listed below:

Progress Commands

profile This command is used to check the progress of any profile.
questThis command provides the Experience points (XP) and coins.
inventoryThis command tells the details of achievements and collection of items of the user.

Shop Commands

shopThis command opens up the list of items that you can shop.
buyThis command is used to buy any item from available options.
sellThis command is used to sell any item from your possession or inventory.

Fight Commands

healUsing this command, you can purchase a life portion in case you have lost a lot of hit points (HP).
arenaUsing this command you can create an arena that can be joined by other players too, to get cookies, but only once a day.
duelUsing this command, you can fight with other players to gain coins and XP.
adventure, huntUsing these commands, you can get experience points (XP) and coins.
miniboss, dungeonUsing this command, you can try to beat dungeon/miniboss with the help of other players twice a day.

Work Commands

craftUsing this command you can craft swords, armor, and unique items.
recipesUsing this command, you can see all the available recipes for crafting items. 
Chop, pickup*, fish,mine*Using these basic commands, you can get items.

Gambling Commands

Dice, multidice*, slots, coinflip, cups, blackjackUse these commands for gambling by betting your coins.

How to Kick EPIC RPG Bot from Discord Server

If you no longer need the EPIC RPG bot on your Discord server, you can choose to kick it out. Go to the members list, and right-click on the name of the bot to see the drop-down menu. From this drop-down menu, click Kick EPIC RPG:

A window appears to confirm your action. Hit Kick to confirm kicking the EPIC RPG bot out of your server:

Now, from the members list of the server, it is removed:


To add and use the EPIC RPG on Discord, go to the website of, invite it to your desired server, and grant permission to access the server. Open your Discord server and go to the desired text channel. Verify the presence of the bot in your server from the members’ list and type /help command to view the inbuilt commands available on the bot. Choose commands of your choice, type them in the chat box, and hit Enter to execute and see the output in the chat section of your channel.