How to Add and Use InviteLogger Discord Bot

Discord platform provides the capabilities where a user can create their own server and invite others for better collaboration and engagement. Bots can be added to further enhance the server functionalities and streamline the process for better efficiency. One such bot is the “InviteLogger” bot which is one of the best to track the invites from any user. Furthermore, custom messages can also be created to welcome new users and fake invites can also be tracked using it.   

This guide will provide comprehensive detail on how the InviteLoggerbot can be added and how to use it using the below outline.

  1. How to Add InviteLogger Discord Bot?
  2. InviteLogger Discord Bot Commands
  3. How to Use InviteLogger Bot
  4. InviteLogger Dashboard

Note: The same process of adding the InviteLogger Discord bot to the server can be followed by mobile users as well.

How to Add InviteLogger Discord Bot?

The listed below steps will provide users with detailed guidelines on adding the InviteLogger bot to Discord:

Step 1: Inviting Bot

First, visit the InviteLogger official website, and hit the highlighted “Invite” button to start the process:

Step 2: Selecting Server 

Next, select a desired server where the InviteLogger bot needs to be added and hit the “Continue” button to proceed further:

Step 3: Authorization

Now, a list of permissions will be shown where a user should only choose the necessary ones and discard others. Next, press the “Authorize button at the bottom to apply the changes:

Step 4: Complete Human Verification

Complete the human verification captcha for safety purposes as shown below and the bot will be added successfully:

Step 5: Bot Verification

After launching Discord, navigate to the server where the InviteLogger bot is added. Then, check whether the bot exists in the server member list or not:

The above output indicates the successful addition of the InviteLogger bot to the server.

InviteLogger Discord Bot Commands

To access the InviteLogger bot command, go to the server text box where this bot has been added and then type the forward slash /”. If multiple bots exist in the server, choose the InviteLogger bot from the appeared menu and all of its commands will be listed:

How to Use InviteLogger Bot

To check the no of users joined by someone’s invite then type the below command:

/invites [User Name]

Here we want to check how many users have joined the server from the invite sent by the user “Tim Joe Root”. So after executing the above command, 1 user has joined the server as shown below:

InviteLogger Dashboard

The InviteLogger Discord bot also comes with its own dashboard which can be accessed using this link. Dashboards provide a user-friendly interface that can be linked with the Discord server and then users can make changes by using it. For example, when a new member joins then a customized message will appear in the server:

That’s all on the guide “Add InviteLogger Discord Bot”.


To add the InviteLogger bot in Discord, first, navigate to its official website and invite the bot to the server using the “Add bot” button. Next, allow the necessary rights to the bot and authorize it. In order to use the InviteLogger bot write the “/” prefix to see all its commands. The InviteLogger bot dashboard can also be used for customizing server messages. This blog has illustrated the technique to add and use the “InviteLogger” bot on Discord.