How to Add and Use Katheryne Bot in Discord?

Bots support is a tremendous feature of Discord that enables the user to automate the server operations. Katheryne is the Discord that comes under the category of Genshin, facilitating the user with characters, weapons, artifacts, and a wish simulator. Apart from that it gives the reminder feature to manage the specific events happening on the server.

The following tutorial will provide the detailed procedure to add and use the Katheryne bot.

How to Add Katheryne Bot in Discord?

Katheryne bot is the best choice for Genshin lovers to give practical support. To add this bot to the servers, go through the provided instructions.

Step 1: Invite Katheryne

Launch the browser, approach the site, and hit the “Invite” for inviting the Katheryne bot:

Log in to the Discord account if required.

Step 2: Pick Server

The user will be navigated to the following page, select the desired server from the “ADD TO SERVER” drop-down, and hit “Continue” to proceed:

Step 3: Authorize Privileges

Subsequently, authorize the required privileges for the bot and press the “Authorize”:

Step 4: Validate Captcha

Lastly, mark and validate the provided captcha in order to add the Katheryne bot:

The Katheryne bot will be added to the server.

Step 5: Verification

For verifying the results, go to the respective server by launching the Discord application and check the availability of the Katheryne bot in the member list:

How to Use Katheryne Bot in Discord?

For using the Katheryn bot in Discord, use the “*” prefix along with the bot command. For instance, let’s use the “*profile” command in the following steps.

Step 1: Enter Command

Go to the respective Discord server, enter the “*profile” command in the message section, and hit the Enter key:


Step 2: Check Results

By doing the above operation, the profile status will be obtained:

Commands For Using the Katheryne Bot

Some of the frequently used commands of the Katheryne bot are listed below:

*profileCheck the wish simulator state of the profile.
*inventory Provide the inventory to the user.
*tradeIt facilitates trading the inventory with others
*wishAdd the wish for the Genshin simulation.
*setprofileEdit the various elements on the user profile such as Genshin ID and name card image. 
*crystals Display the number of crystals that the user has.
*leaderboardShows the top 10 users that have more wishes.
*bannersDisplay all banners within reach.


To add and use the Katheryne bot in Discord, approach the given website and invite to the server by hitting the “Invite” button. Then, from the “ADD TO SERVER” drop-down, choose the respective server. Grant the required privileges for the bot and validate the given captcha. To use the Katheryne bot, use the “*” prefix along with the bot command. This tutorial has provided the complete guide for adding and using the Katheryne bot in Discord.