How to Add Application Bot to Discord?

A Discord bot is an application that can be used to interact with users and programmed to perform multiple tasks, such as moderating a server, playing music, and much more. One such bot is the Application Bot which is designed to automate the application process for joining a server. 

This article will focus on the detailed guide to adding the Application bot to the Discord server using the below outline.

  1. How to Add Application Bot Discord Bot
  2. Application Bot Commands
  3. Features of Discord Application Bot

How to Add Application Bot Discord Bot

When a user joins a server that has an Application Bot, they will be asked to fill out a form or answer a set of questions. The Application Bot will then review the user’s responses and either accept or reject their application. Follow the below steps to add the application bot to any Discord server.

Step 1: Navigate to Discord Application Bot 

First, open the link to get access to the Application Discord bot and click on the “Invite” button:

Note: Logging in to the Discord account is compulsory. Otherwise, this bot cannot be added to the Discord server.

Step 2: Provide Server Name

After that, a new dialogue box will appear where it will ask for the name of the server to add this bot. Choose the server from the given drop-down menu and hit the “Continue” button: 

Step 3: Provide Relevant Permissions

Next, grant the permission of the “Administrator” to access its full usage and then proceed by clicking on the “Authorize” button:

Step 4: Click on the Captcha Box

Click on the captcha box to add the bot to the chosen server for human verification:

At the end, the user can see the below message which means that the bot has been authorized and added successfully to the server:

Step 5: Verification

To verify if the bot has been successfully added, open the server, and check the notification that will appear in the middle of the Discord app. This can also be verified by clicking on the “Member List” icon that will show the list of added bots to the server as shown below:

Application Bot Commands

The below command can be executed in the server chat box to see the list of all available commands for the application bot:


After executing the above command it will list down all available commands as shown below:

Features of Discord Application Bot

The Application Bot comes equipped with a range of features that make it a popular choice and some of them are as follows:

Customizable Forms: Users can create custom forms, surveys, and applications without any coding knowledge of their specific needs.

Automated Responses: It has automated response capabilities that will send custom responses automatically to the applicants. 

Analytics and Reports: The Application Bot provides users with detailed analytics and reports to track the performance of their forms and applications.

User Management: It allows users to manage their applicants easily by providing features like role-based access, user authentication, and data encryption.


Discord Application Bot is a powerful tool that can streamline the application process for joining a server. To add this bot to any Discord server, first, open this link and click on the “Invite” button. Next provide the name of the server, “Administrator” permission, and click on the “Authorize”  button to add the Application bot. This article has provided the method to add an Application Discord bot.