How to Add AstolfoBot to Your Discord Server

Discord is not only a communication platform, it is also a fun place that is used widely by users worldwide. People can play games in it, watch entertainment programs, and participate in different events. Additionally, Discord bots are contributing heavily in giving a diverse direction to the Discord platform and becoming the most exciting place for the audience. 

This write-up will provide a complete explanation of how the AstolfoBot can be added and used in a Discord server.

How to Add AstolfoBot to the Discord Server

AstolfoBot is a multi-purpose bot that allows its users to play games, compete with each other, and perform some server moderation actions. However, the basic purpose of this bot is to let the user participate in the Holy Grail War (a contest/event in which mages compete to gain the power of the Holy Grail). The user summons a servant, trains it, and makes it stronger for the Holy Grail War. 

To add “AstolfoBot to the Discord server”, we will follow the methods which are listed below:

  • Adding AstolfoBot From the App Directory
  • Adding AstolfoBot From a Third-party Website

Let’s explore each method one by one!

Method 1: Adding AstolfoBot from the App Directory

Discord app directory contains thousands of useful games, server moderation tools, and all kinds of apps including entertainment. The app directory unlocks the real potential of a server by allowing it to customize or automate it providing real value utilities.

To add the AstolfoBot to the server using the “Discord app directory”, follow the following step-by-step instructions.

Access App Directory

The app directory can be accessed from the top right corner by dropping a server’s menu/options down. 

Search in the App Directory

Next in the search box, write “AstolfoBot” to get the relevant results. Simply select the AstolfoBot to proceed further. 

Invite AstolfoBot to the Server

Now, pressing the “Add to Server” button will start the integration process of the bot with our desired server.

After selecting the server, hit the “Continue” button.

Authorize Permissions

Review the list of permissions shown by AstolfoBot to function properly. Check or uncheck the boxes as per need and click on “Authorize

Check the captcha box and perform the demand action to continue. 

Doing so will add the AstolfoBot within that specified Discord server successfully as it can also be verified from the blow attached screenshot.

Want to learn more ways to set up AstolfoBot? Let’s jump into the next method.

Method 2: Adding Discord AstolfoBot From a Third-Party Website

For inviting AstolfoBot from a website externally, the steps stated in the next section will be followed.

Adding Discord AstolfoBot From Third-Party Using Desktop

Fortunately, Astolfobot can be integrated with the server using a third-party website which is completely safe. Visit the site “” by tapping here to directly access the bot. In the next step, we only need to click the “Invite” button to get started.

Now, we will be redirected to the Discord account where the on-screen wizard needs to be followed to get this AstolfoBot integration process done.

Adding Discord AstolfoBot From Third-Party Using Mobile Device

First, open Google on the browser and search for the keyword “astolfobot”. From the provided results, open the website Hit the invite button placed along with the vote button.

Next, repeat the same process as described for Desktop devices to add the AstolfoBot to the Discord server.

A confirmation/success box will appear once all steps are followed correctly.

How to Use AstolfoBaot In Discord

To use the AstolfoBot, first, ensure your presence on the specific server where the bot is added. After that, use the Message box to write the command. 



Each command of AstolfoBot will be started with “/”. Using the slash “/” and selecting the AstolfoBot icon will list down all the available commands on the screen.

As an example, if we want to see someone’s avatar, execute the command:

/avatar itsLinuxFOSS

Here is the profile picture of the “ItsLinuxFOSS” user which is displayed by AstolfoBot.

AstolfoBot Commands

Currently, there are more than seventy commands that AstolfoBot supports. Some of the useful commands are listed below along with their purpose:

  • /ban: Allows to ban someone
  • /choose: Let the bot make a choice for us (/choose A / B)
  • /8ball: Give predictions about situations.
  • /tutorial: Provide basic assistance to get started
  • /update: Provide information about recent bot updates
  • /daily: Give reward (tokens) on a daily basis
  • /profile: Shows profile stats including level, tokens, and experience

Note: Use the “/join” command to become part of the Holy Grail War first as it is necessary to use most of its commands.

How to Remove AstolfoBot From Discord Server on Desktop

Deleting the bots from the Discord server is pretty normal. So in case the AstolfoBot needs to be removed for any reason, follow the following steps.

Right-click on the AstolfoBot

From the member’s list, right-click on the AstolfoBot to get a list of options. From those options, select “Kick AstolfoBot”.

Provide Feedback & Kick

On the appearance of the confirmation box, give consent to proceed by clicking on the “Kick” button.

Doing so will successfully eliminate the AstolfoBot from the server.

How to Remove AstolfoBot from Discord Server on Mobile

To remove the AstolfoBot via the Mobile device, launch the Discord application first. Next, open the members list from the top right corner and tap on the AstolfoBot. Doing so will display bot information and settings; all we have to do is scroll and tap on the “Kick” button. Write down the reason or provide feedback if any, otherwise, only tap the kick button again.

We have covered the easiest methods to add and use the AstolfoBot in a Discord server. Moreover, how we can remove AstrolfoBot easily from desktop or mobile, is also shown with screenshots.


To add the AstolfoBot to the Discord server, use the “Discord App Directory” or “Third-Party Website”. Open the app directory from the server’s menu and search for AstolfoBot. Next, select it and add it to the server by following the displayed instructions. Moreover, to add the AstolfoBot via the third-party website, visit this bot on website respectively and hit on the invite button. This tutorial has shown all the possible ways to add and use the AstolfoBot in Discord.