How to Add BadBot Discord Bot for Effective Server Moderation

Discord has become a well-liked tool for online communities since it allows users to communicate, talk, and work together. However, as the number of servers increases, it becomes increasingly important to maintain a well-regulated and entertaining environment where BadBot Discord bot comes into play. Adding the BadBot can improve user experience, speed up moderating processes, and create welcoming messages. 

We will walk you through the method of adding BadBot to your Discord server in this blog.

Note: The same steps can be followed to add the BadBot Discord bot to the server on Discord mobile application.

What is BadBot in Discord?

BadBot is a versatile and powerful moderation bot made especially for Discord. For server administrators and moderators, it is a useful tool that enables them to provide a secure and orderly environment within their communities. In order to support efficient moderating, BadBot comes with a wide range of features, including the capacity to control user roles, implement rules, and manage user’s responsibilities. 

Server administrators may automate moderation tasks with BadBot, including applying content filters, managing user bans and kicks, and controlling user access. Because of the time and effort savings, moderators can concentrate on other important matters of community management.

How to Add the BadBot in Discord?

For adding the BadBot to the Discord Bot, follow the below-mentioned explained steps.

Step 1: Add the BadBot to the Discord Server in Discord

Navigate to the mentioned website and press the “Invite” button to add the BadBot to the server:

Now, you are requested to select the server Discord. 

Step 2: Select the Discord Server

Select the server to which the BadBot is required to add from the “ADD TO SERVER” drop menu and hit the click on the “Continue” option. For instance, we have selected “maddox’s server”:

After this, it will direct you to the permissions dialog box. 

Step 3: Authorize the Requested Permissions for the BadBot

Different permissions are needed by BadBot including the “Administrator”, “Speak”, and “Mute Members” which can be allowed by clicking on the “Authorize” option:

A captcha dialog box will appear to confirm that you are not a bot. Mark the captcha and proceed:

The BadBot is successfully added to the server of Discord:

Close all the tabs in the web browser and start using the BadBot Discord bot by opening the Discord application.

Step 4: Confirm the Addition of the BadBot

To confirm the addition of the BadBot, open your server in the Discord application and check its presence in server’s member list:

The BadBot is added successfully to the “maddox’s server” in Discord. It can be seen that the BadBot is offline, it is because the development team of BadBot is either working on fixing the bugs or introducing new updates. Now, we can use the Bot once it comes online in Discord. 

What are the Characteristics of the BadBot in Discord?

The major characteristics of the BadBot in Discord are:

  • With BadBot, one can create automated moderation rules to deal with frequent problems
  • BadBot offers robust logging features that let helps in keeping track of significant server-level events and activities
  • BadBot provides commands for managing users, allowing them to assign or remove responsibilities and verify user details
  • BadBot has a number of configurable options that let users alter its behaviour to meet the demands of the server

That’s all about Discord BadBot.


To add the BadBot in Discord, invite the bot from the website. Next, select the server where users are required to add the BadBot. Then, grant all the requested permissions by the bot and authorize it. This post has explained the method to add the BadBot Discord bot.