How to Add Chess Discord Bot?

Discord application is one of the best platforms for gaming currently available where gamers can communicate with others and play games online. Chess is one of the well-known games which can be accessed and played on the Discord platform. So, if you are a chess game lover and looking for a way to play this game on Discord then adding a “chess bot” to the Discord server can do this job. 

This article will provide a detailed guide on how Chess bot can be added to Discord, its commands, and a guide to play the chess game as well.

  1. How to Add a Chess Bot on Discord?
  2. Chess Discord Bot Commands
  3. How to use Chess Bot on Discord?

How to Add a Chess Bot on Discord?

Following the below steps can help the user to add the chess bot to the Discord server.

Step 1: Inviting Chess Bot

First, visit the direct link of this bot available at the website and then hit the “Invite” button:

Step 2: Selecting Server

Next, select the desired server from the drop-down menu and hit the “Continue” button:

Step 3: Authorize the Chess Bot

Choose the relevant permissions from the list and then click on the “Authorize” button for further proceeding:

Step 4: Approve Human Captcha

Lastly, a captcha will appear which needs to be approved by the user for safety purposes:

This will successfully add the chess bot to the provided server:

Chess Discord Bot Commands

A list of all chess Discord bot commands can be seen by first navigating to the Discord server and then typing the forward slash (/) key inside its chat box:

How to Use the Chess Discord Bot?

Using a Chess Discord bot is a straightforward process that requires a user to follow some steps as explained below.

Step 1: Launch Discord

First, search for “Discord” in the “Start Menu” and launch the application:

Step 2: Open Discord Server

From the left “Menu” open the server where the Chess bot has been added earlier: 

Step 3: Checking Bots Availability

First, a user needs to execute the “/profile list” command which provides them with a list of bot names that can be challenged for the chess game:

A list of bot names can be seen below from easy to hard level and users can choose anyone based on their skills:

Step 4: Challenge a Bot

Next, a user needs to challenge a bot by executing the “/challenge bot” command followed by the bot name provided in the list:

/challenge bot

After this the chess game will begin:

Step 5: Playing a Chess Game

To start playing a chess game, a user needs to move a chess piece by typing “/move” followed by the chess piece’s current position and the position where they want to move it. For example, if I want to move the white pawn to a3 which is currently present at the a2 position then I will write “/move a2a3”: 

It can be seen in the below image that the white pawn has been moved from “a2” to “a3”:

Next, the bot has moved the knight from “b8” to “c6”:

This way you can continue playing the chess game till one loses or if you plan to resign or offer a draw.

That’s all on the guide “Chess Discord Bot


The chess bot will allow users to play the famous chess game on the Discord server. First, a user needs to add this bot by first visiting the website. Next, provide the server to add this bot there and then permissions to authorize it. After adding this bot successfully, a user can find a list of all available commands by typing the backslash (/) key. Moreover how a user can start and play this game has also been discussed in this article.