How to Add Discord Carl-bot

Making an application or software perfect nearly seems difficult, however, Discord is one of those software that is striving to become perfect from the perspective of the users. Discord is making additions to its platforms by utilizing its developers and contributors to make Discord a suitable place for everyone. One of the great additions to the Discord platform is the Carl-bot as it provides multiple features and can be added on demand.

This write-up will assist in adding the Discord Carl-bot with the help of multiple methods by following this outline:

  1. How to Add Discord Carl-bot on Discord
  2. Adding Discord Carl-bot Using App Directory 
  3. Adding Discord Carl-bot Using an Official Website
  4. Adding Discord Carl-bot Using Carl-bot Help Server
  5. Adding Discord Carl-bot Using a Third-Party Website
  6. How to Add Discord Carl-bot to Mobile Devices
  7. How to Remove Discord Carl-bot From a PC
  8. How to Remove DIscord Carl-bot From Mobile

How to Add Discord Carl-bot on Discord

Discord Carl-bot is not like those ordinary bots that only provide a single functionality to its users. It is a complete system to manage the Discord server effectively. Some of its features are:

  • Automode logging
  • Reaction Roles
  • Custom commands
  • Autoroles 
  • Starboards
  • Embeds 
  • Remainders
  • Repeating messages
  • Autofeeds
  • Triggers

So, to “add the Discord Carl-bot” to the server, let’s walk through the following methods one by one!

Adding Discord Carl-bot Using App Directory 

App directory” is one of the most amazing stores by Discord which only contains verified applications, entertainment utilities, or games for Discord servers. It is easily accessible from the server menu. 

Go to the App Directory

To access the app directory, get into the server and open its menu from the top left. 

Make a Search for Carl-bot

Now, within the app directory, search for Carl bot and select it.

Add Carl-bot to Server

Once the Carl-bot page opens, you need to add it to your server by clicking the “Add to Server” button.

Follow the Setup Wizard

This will immediately start setting up the carl-bot. Simply choose your desired server and click on the continue button.

Next, Carl-bot requires some permission to properly function within the server; for that, click on the “Authorize” button.

A captcha will appear on the screen to verify if you are not a robot, verify it to add Carl-bot to the server.

A green check mark will appear on the screen that indicates the Carl-bot has been integrated with the specified server successfully

Adding Discord Carl-bot Using an Official Website

Getting an application or tool from its official platform is the most secure approach. Carl-bot can be added using its official website as demonstrated in the next section.

Open the Carl-bot Official Website

 Visit and click on the “Log in with Discord” button.

Log In to Discord

This will let you login through the official Discord account login page. Proceed further by providing the email or phone with the correct password.

Grant Permissions to Carl-bot

Carl-bot needs permission to access your account details, such as username, banner, and avatar. Moreover, it requires knowing what server you are currently on. So, only press the “Authorize” button to get to the next screen where the server needs to be chosen.

Choose Your Discord Server

Select the server where you want to invite Carl-bot.

Follow the Carl-bot Instructions

Next, follow the wizard to get the Carl-bot to a server of your choice. 

Want to learn a more easiest method for getting the Carl-bot for your server? Let’s jump to the next method.

Adding Discord Carl-bot Using Carl-bot Help Server

To get the Carl-bot via the Carl-bot help server, follow the next section.

Join the Carl-bot Help server using the following link.

After joining the server, click on the Carl-bot from the member list and a dialog box will appear right before it. Only click on the “Add to Server” button from that displayed Carl-bot small information box and the bot setup process will be started right after it.

Adding Discord Carl-bot Using a Third-Party Website

Third-party tools platforms play a major role in making the tools available on the internet when we cannot access them from their official sites. So, there is also an edge that the Carl-bot can be added using a third-party platform. To do so, follow the instructions.

Open Google in any Browser

Access Google, search Carl bot in it, and click the result which contains

Click the Invite Button

On the Carl-bot page, you have to press the “Invite” button to get started. Follow the on-screen instructions to make the Carl-bot integration process successful.

How to Add Discord Carl-bot on Mobile Devices

Mobile devices can perform all those actions for Discord which the desktop device can do. To invite the Carl-bot to the Discord server via the smartphone, you need to use the below-given link first.

After that, log in and repeat the exact steps that are described above when the setup wizard starts.

You can also follow method 2 or method 4 on a mobile device for adding the Carlbot to the Discord server.

How to Remove Discord Carl-bot From a PC

Removing the bots from Discord is pretty normal and Discord provides a proper way to its users to eliminate any app from their server. In the same way, we can remove the Carl-bot from the Discord server by clicking the right button of the mouse on its name and selecting the “Kick Carl-bot” option.

It will confirm that “Are you sure you want to kick @Carl-bot” from the server; click the “Kick” to confirm.

How to Remove Discord Carl-bot Using Mobile

To delete the Carl-bot from Discord using a mobile application, swipe left from the right corner as it will open the member’s list. From the list tap on the Carl-bot to get an expanded view. Simply hit the Kick button and as a result, a confirmation screen will appear; tap the kick button again.

This will remove the Carl-bot from the Discord server.


To add the Discord Carl-bot, use the “Discord app library”, “Carl-bot official platform” or “Carl-bot help server”. Moreover, “third-party sites” can also be used for the integration of Carl-bot with the Discord server. Alternatively, you can also take the help of a mobile device to get started with the Discord Carlbot. This tutorial has shown in detail how easy it is to add the Carl-bot to a Discord server.