How to Add QOTD Bot Discord Bot

Discord platform provides lots of different fun and entertaining activities that can engage the user for the long term. These activities can be added to the Discord server with the help of different bots. If a user wants to test their knowledge then they can QOTD bot also known as “Question of the Day”. This bot will ask a random user on a Discord server on a daily basis and the user needs to answer them.

This article will guide users on how they can add the QOTD bot to the server, its commands, and a method to set it.

How to Add QOTD Bot Discord Bot?

Adding the QOTD bot is a simple and straightforward process that requires users to follow some steps which are discussed below.

Step 1: Open “” Website

To get started with this procedure, simply follow the website, and hit on “Invite” button.

Step 2: Choose a Server

After that, a new prompt will appear where the user needs to choose the server where this bot will be added using a drop-down menu and then press the “Continue” button:

Step 3: Provide Permissions

This will provide a list of permission available for this bot from where a user needs to tick only those that they want to allow and discard the remaining ones. Next, click on the “Authorize” button to proceed further:

Step 4: Provide Human Verification

This will be the last step where the user needs to provide human verification for security purposes:

After that, another prompt will appear indicating that the QOTD bot has been added to the provided server:

Step 5: Bot Verification

When a certain bot is added to the server then normally a notification message will be sent to the server stating that the bot has been added. Moreover, the presence of that bot can be found by clicking on the “Show member list” icon available on the top left beside the search bar:

QOTD Bot Commands

Once the bot has been added, then the user can access all the available commands regarding it by typing the “forward-slash (/) key inside the server search bar:

How to Setup QOTD Discord Bot?

A user won’t be able to use the QOTD bot without setting it up first which can be done by following the below steps.

Step 1: Create a New Channel

First create a separate channel which can be done by clicking on the “+” sign and then providing a channel name:

Step 2: Execute /setup Command

The “/setup” command needs to be executed by writing it in the channel chat box and then hitting the “Enter” key. A message will appear where a user needs to click on the “Begin Setup” button to start the setup process:


Step 2: Fill out the Questionaire

A list of questions will be asked by the QOTD bot that a user needs to respond to using the “Enter Response” button:

After completing the questionnaire a new notification will appear in the channel indicating that the bot has been set up successfully:

That’s all on the guide “add QOTD Bot Discord bot


The QOTD bot is normally used to ask questions from the server channel members where it has been set up. But first, a user needs to invite it into the server by following toward the website. After that, provide the relevant permissions to the bot and then authorize it. The commands regarding this bot can be accessed by pressing the forward slash (/) button and lastly, setting up this bot in the desired channel. This blog has illustrated the complete method to add and use the QOTD bot to the Discord server.