How to Add Spoiler Tag on Image in Discord Desktop?

Discord is the most frequently used tool worldwide and keeps the user in touch with communities. It comes with a wide range of features such as text and voice chat. Interestingly, the user can add a spoiler tag on images to hide any content from the community members. It creates an overlay on the particular image and labeled it with a “SPOILER” tag.

This post will demonstrate the procedure to add spoiler tags on Images for Discord.

How to Add Spoiler Tag on Image in Discord Desktop?

The user can add the “Spoiler” tag on any image by following the given instructions.

Step 1: Open Gallery

First, navigate to the message section and open the gallery by pressing the “+” icon as shown:

Step 2: Select the Image

Then, hit the “Upload a File” option from the given options and upload the image from the storage:

Step 3: Make image Spoiler

Once the image is selected, press the “Spoiler Attachment” icon to make an image spoiler:

Upon doing, the selected image is labeled with the “SPOILER” tag:

Hit the Enter key and send the image.

Step 4: Verification

The image is sent with the “SPOILER” tag on it:

The procedure to add a spoiler tag on images in Discord desktop has been covered.


To add the “SPOILER” tag on the image, navigate to the server text channel and press the “+” icon. Upload the image from the storage. Then, hit the “Spoiler Attachment” icon to make the image spoiler. Send the image and verify the results. This write-up has elaborated on adding a spoiler tag on the image for Discord mobile.