How to Add Zira Bot on Discord?

Discord is a multi-source platform utilized for many purposes such as gaming, sharing information, live streaming, and much more. It offers the support of the Ai-bots to automate the server’s tasks. Zira bot is a well-known Discord bot mainly considered for assigning/removing different roles by reacting to a particular emoji.

This write-up will cover the method to set up the Zira bot on Discord.

Note: The given procedure also assists the mobile users of Discord in adding the Zira bot.

How to Add Zira Bot on Discord?

To add the Zira bot on Discord, go through the below step-by-step demonstration.

Step 1: Invite Zira Bot

Open your favorite browser, visit the Zira bot’s official site, and press the “Add To Server” button as highlighted:

Doing this may require Discord account credentials to log in if not logged in.

Step 2: Select Server

Afterward, select the desired server from the drop-down and hit the “Continue” button:

In our case, the “itslinuxfoss” server is chosen.

Step 3: Grant Permissions

Then, grant the required permissions for the Zira bot by marking the checkboxes and hit the “Authorize” button:

Step 4: Mark Captcha

Mark the given captcha for adding the Zira bot and proceed:

Zira hot is added to the “itslinuxfoss” server.

Step 5: Verification

Launch the Discord application, go to the particular server, and verify the presence of the Zira bot in the member list:

Step 6: Get Help

Once the Zira bot is added, type the help command to obtain the detailed usage of the Zira bot’s commands:


This is how the Zira bot is set up on Discord.


For adding the Zira bot to the Discord server, navigate to its official site and click the “Add To Server” button. After that, select the server through the drop-down and hit the “Continue” button. Then, grant the required permissions for the bot by hitting the “Authorize” button and verifying the given captcha for human verification. This article has enlightened the procedure to set up the Zira bot on Discord.