How to Change the Background Color in Google Docs?

Google Docs has a bundle of functionalities that offers users to create interactive documents. These functionalities include Font Color, Text Size, Background Color, etc. These features have various applications for designing documents, such as posters, charts, greeting cards, etc.

This post discusses a descriptive procedure for changing the background color in Google Docs.

How does Background Color Change in Google Docs?

The background color is important in enhancing the visibility of text and the overall look of a document. For instance, the method is considered for changing the background color in current documents of Google Docs.

A screenshot of an existing document in Google Docs is provided here with the name “My_Docs”.

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Let’s change the background color now:

Step 1: Open Page Setup

Choose the “Page setup” option in the dropdown list by pushing the “File” tab of the menu bar.

Step 2: Open Page Color Property

A pop-up window of “Page setup” is raised. Select the “Page color” option, which is “White” by default, as shown in the below figure.

Step 3: Choose the Background Color

Choose the “Background color” such as “light purple 2”, and hit the “OK” button, as can be seen in the figure below.

After pressing the “OK” button, the background color of “light purple 2” is applied to the whole document, which can be validated in the below screenshots.

How to Set a Custom Background Color in Google Docs

Apart from the system-defined colors, users can also generate custom colors for the background. Now, you can assign the custom background color of the document.

Open the “Page Setup” and click on the colors property. Now, select the “Custom” option.

By pressing the button, it generates a pop-up window in which the user can select the “Color code” or “Hue” to adjust the custom color.

The below screenshot verifies the custom color “light green” is applied to the below screenshot.

That’s it! Users have exercised an interesting method to change the background color.


Google Docs provides the “Page color” button for changing the background color of the present document. This button comes through the “Page setup” option of the “File” tab. After pressing this button, users can select the specified color from a list of different colors. Moreover, a custom option is also available that accepts “Color Code” to set the background color in the document. Finally, the post has demonstrated the method for changing the background color.