How to Cross Out Text in Google Docs

Cross-out text is a horizontal line passing through the text (also known as “Strikethrough”). Google Docs supports its users with a bundle of text modification tools such as indenting text, crossing out text, highlighting text, etc. It is useful to indicate the specific text is not important or outdated among the entire document. This post aims to explain the possible methods of crossing out text in Google Docs.

The content of this guide is as follows:

Let’s start with the first one.

Method 1: Using the Strikethrough Option to Cross Out Text in Google Docs

Google Docs provides an interesting feature to cross out or strikethrough text in documents. To practice the cross-out text feature here, an existing document is carried out in which some text is already written, which can be seen in the below screenshot.

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To cross out text, some steps must be followed that are below:

  • Select the text first on which the user wants to apply the cross-out feature.
  • After that, hit the “Format” tab in the menu bar to generate the dropdown list.
  • Hover over the “Text” and select the “Strikethrough” option in the list.

Finally, the cross-out text has been successfully done in a document which can be verified in the below screenshot.

Let’s explore the second method now.

Method 2: Use the Shortcut key to Cross out Text in Google Docs

Google Docs provides another efficient method to apply the cross-out/strikethrough in written text.

For this purpose, the shortcut key “ALT+SHIFT+5” is utilized, and the process is as follows:

The text is selected first with the help of the mouse cursor. After that, the shortcut key “ALT+SHIFT+5” is used to implement the cross-out text in Google Docs. The operation can be seen in the following “GIF” as well:

That’s all about the cross-out text in Google Docs.


In Google Docs, the “Strikethrough” option and shortcut key “ALT+SHIFT+5” are used to cross out text in documents. The “Strikethrough” option comes from the “Format” tab after selecting the “Text” in the dropdown list. On the other hand, the shortcut key “ALT+SHIFT+5” helps apply the cross-out text on the selected text. This guide has provided multiple methods to cross out text in Google Docs.