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Copying a Discord server refers to the process of duplicating an existing server’s structure, settings, channels, roles, and permissions. This feature allows users to create a new server that closely resembles an established one, reducing the need to set up everything from scratch. This article will guide users on how they can create a server on the Discord desktop application.

How to Copy a Discord Server?

A Server can be copied on the Discord desktop application by following the below steps.

Step 1: Navigate to the Desired Server

The first step is to navigate to the desired server that a user wants to copy and then click on the drop-down icon available at the top beside the server name:

Copying a Discord Server5

Step 2: Select “Server Settings”

Next, a user needs to select the option of “Server Settings” as shown below:

Copying a Discord Server4

Step 3: Navigate to the Server Template

This will launch different settings regarding the user server from which they need to choose the option of “Server Template”. Whereas on the right side, a user can see the information regarding the features and settings of the server that the template will copy and not copy:

Copying a Discord Server3

Step 4: Provide Template Title and Description

Next, a user needs to provide the template name and the description which can be anything depending on the user’s preferences. Users can also copy the template URL and can share it with others for joining purposes and “Preview” the template.

Copying a Discord Server2

Step 5: Create a Copied Server

Clicking on the “Preview Template” will provide an overview of the copied server whereas “clicking” on the “Create” button at the bottom will create a server:

Copying a Discord Server1

Step 6: Verification

A user can verify the creation of the copied server by going to the main Discord interface and then the server tab where a newly created server can be seen:

Copying a Discord Server

Benefits of Copying a Discord Server

The key benefits that users should consider while copying a Discord server are discussed below.

Improved Server Setup Efficiency: Copying a Discord server significantly improves the efficiency of this setup by eliminating the need to recreate every channel, role, and permission manually.

Simplified Community Management: Copying a Discord server will give the user an edge to establish a new community with similar themes or interests. 

Sharing Resources: Copying a Discord server will also copy all the content available in the text channels, which makes it easier to share resources.

That completes our guide on “How to Copy a Discord Server


Copying a Discord server offers numerous benefits that include server efficiency, better management, and easy sharing of resources. To copy a server, a user needs to first navigate to the desired server and then click on its drop-down icon. Next, select the option of “Server Settings” and then “Server Template”. On the right side, provide the template title and template description, click on the preview button, and then the “Create” button to create the new server.