How to Insert a Line in Google Docs?

In certain situations, users must insert a line at the end of the section, page, and heading. To fulfill their needs, Google Docs facilitates built-in features for their audience. This article demonstrates all feasible methods for inserting a line in Google Docs. The content that supports the blog is as follows:

Let’s start the journey.

Method 1: Using the “Horizontal line” Option

Google Docs offers the “Horizontal line” option to insert a line in a new or existing document. For this purpose, press the “Insert” tab from the menu bar that generates a dropdown list of multiple options. In this list, select the “Horizontal line” option for inserting the line:

After pressing the option, a horizontal line has been inserted that can visualize in below figure:

Let’s get into the second method.

Method 2: Insert a Line Using the “Drawing” Window

The feature of the “Drawing” window is awesome for drawing any shape in Google Docs. To achieve this window, select the “+ New” button by hovering over the “Drawing” from the “Insert” tab:

In this window, select the “Line” icon and draw horizontal and vertical lines. After that, press the “Save and Close” button to insert them in Google Docs:

Both these lines are inserted in Google Docs that can be verified in below figure:

Let’s learn the mobile app method.

Bonus Tip: Insert a Horizontal line in Google Docs via Mobile App

It is a bonus info to add a horizontal line in the document via a mobile application. In this method, select the “+” icon that is located at the top of the window:

After pressing the button, a  dropdown list will pop up. In this list, select the “Horizontal line” to insert into the document:

After hitting the “Horizontal line” option, the horizontal line has been successfully inserted into Google Docs, as shown in the below figure:

It is all about this guide.


Google Docs provides the “Horizontal line” option and “Drawing” window to insert a line in a document. In this “Drawing” window, users can add multiple lines in any direction. Overall, these methods are quite useful to end up the section. This article has covered all aspects of inserting a line and the mobile application in Google Docs.