How to Insert BULLET POINTS in Google Sheets

To organize and display information in a clear and concise way, use bullet points, particularly if you are dealing with a lot of data, they can assist make your data easier to read and interpret. The option to include bullet points is one of the numerous capabilities that Google Sheets, a well-known spreadsheet program, offers to assist you in organizing and analyzing data. We’ll walk you through the process of adding bullet points to your Google Sheets document in this post, along with some advice on how to make the most of them. This article will help you increase your productivity and presenting skills regardless of whether you are an inexperienced or seasoned Google Sheets user.

Why We Insert BULLET POINTS in Google Sheets?

We insert the Bulltet points in Google Sheets because of the reasons:

  • Clarity and readability: When working with vast amounts of data, bullet points make it simpler to present and organize information in a clear and concise manner.
  • Visual appeal: Using bullet points helps improve the visual appeal of your data, drawing the reader’s attention to key points.
  • Emphasis: In order to help the reader quickly comprehend the content, significant points or important details might be highlighted or emphasized using bullet points.
  • Comparison: You can use bullet points to compare various pieces of information, showing their similarities and contrasts.

How many options are there in Google Sheets to insert bullet points?

There are two different methods of inserting Bullet Points in Google Sheets are:

  1. Using the CHAR Formula
  2. Using the “Custom number format” option

Method 1: Using the CHAR Formula

We can insert the bullets using the CHAR formula in Google Sheets. To understand this message, we can consider the example of Google Sheets having the students name:

Now insert the bullets using the CHAR formula, by following the below-mention general syntax:


In the above syntax, the number 8826 will define the style of the bullets. For example, we will copy the content of column A and paste them into column B with the bullets:

=CHAR(8226)&” “&A2

We can see that all the names are pasted in column B with the bullets. To change the style of the bullet, we use the formula:

=CHAR(8826)&” “&A2

We can see the style of the bullet has been changed in Google Sheets.

Method 2: Using the “Custom number format” option

Another method of inserting the bullets is by using the “Custom number format” option which is basically the manual technique of adding the bullets in Google Sheets. Follow the steps mentioned below for inserting bullets:

Step 1: Select the Cells of Google Sheets

First, select the cells of the Google Sheets where bullets are supposed to be inserted:

Step 2: Select the “Custom number format” option

After selecting the cells, click on “Format” in the menu bar, then choose “Number” and finally on “Custom number format”:

Step 3: Define the Bullets in Google Sheets

Now in the new dialog box of “Custom number formats” paste the bullet style by copying it from an external source. Then use the “@” symbol next to it and click on the “Apply” button:

The bullets are inserted into the selected cells:

The bullets are inserted successfully in the cell of Google Sheets.


To insert the bullet points in Google Sheets, either use the manual technique by adding the bullets from “Custom number format”. Another method is choosing the “CHAR” formula. This blog demonstrated both methods with examples to make a better understanding of the readers.