How to Make a Custom Status on Discord?

Discord is the most popular and interactive application that keeps users engaged with the communities with great features. These features include text and voice chat, live streaming, and much more. However, one of its amazing features is to add a custom status and description that describes the user’s profile more precisely.

This post will illustrate the procedure to set the custom status on Discord.

  1. Make a Custom Status on Discord Desktop App
  2. Make a Custom Status on Discord Mobile App

Make a Custom Status on Discord Desktop App

To make a custom status on Discord for the profile, check out the following implementation.

Step 1: Navigate to User Profile

Open the Discord application and navigate to the user‘s profile by clicking on the “Profile” icon:

Step 2: Open Custom Status

Choose the “Set Custom Status” option from the displayed menu to set the status:

Step 3: Configure Custom Status

From the pop-up, configure the custom status options. Add the description in the first section and choose the expiry time for the status from the “CLEAR AFTER” drop-down menu:

Then, choose the status “Online”, “Idle”, “Do Not Disturb” or “Invisible” based on the requirements from the “STATUS” drop-down menu.

Here, the description of the above-mentioned status is as follows:

  • Online”: Receive all notifications for messages or any other activity.
  • Idle”: This represents that the user is away from the device and busy with other activities.
  • Do Not Disturb”: Do not receive any notification for any activity 
  • Invisible”: The user will not be shown under the online users but still have access to all activities.

Once configured with all settings, hit the “Save” button to apply changes:

Step 4: Verify Results

For the verification, open the member list of any server and check the updated custom status: 

The output shows that we have successfully set the custom status on Discord.

Make a Custom Status on Discord Mobile App

The mobile app support also allows Discord users to create custom statuses as well. For the demonstration, follow the listed steps.

Step 1: Access User’s Settings

Open the Discord mobile app and Navigate to the user’s settings by clicking the “Profile” icon:

Step 2: Enter Set Status

From the settings, open the “Set Status” section:

Step 3: Set Custom Status

After that, choose your desired status from the provided list and hit on the “Set a Custom Status” option:

Enter the profile description, choose the expiry time for the custom status, and save it by hitting the “SAVE” button:

As you can see, we have successfully created the custom status on Discord:

That’s all about making a custom status on Discord.


To make a custom status on Discord, click on the user’s profile, open the “Set Custom Status” settings, and configure the description, expiry time, and Discord status based on the requirements. The same instructions can also be implemented on Discord mobile app. This write-up has described the instructions to make a custom status on Discord.