How to Put an Accent Over a Letter on Google Docs?

Accents are small dots or symbols in various languages. They are written at the top or bottom of a certain letter. Google Docs being top of a line text editor, allows its users to put an accent on a letter. Accents are used to identify something about the letter’s pronunciation and are mostly present in languages such as Spanish, French, Italian, German, and. In this guide, we have demonstrated two methods to put an accent over a letter in Google Docs. The content of this blog is explained below:

Let’s start with the first method.

Method 1: Using the Special Characters

Here in this method, the “Special Characters” window is utilized to put an accent over a letter in Google Docs. To do so, the following steps are carried out as shown below:

Step 1: Open the “Insert special characters” Window

First, move to the “Insert” tab. It generates the drop-down menu. Press the “Special characters” option displayed in the drop-down menu:

An “Insert special characters” window will pop up. On this window, the user can either search a keyword, refine the menu or draw a symbol in the input box:

Step 2: Put an Accent Over a Letter

Now, put an accent over a letter using any symbols shown in the above “Insert Special Characters” window. In this case, press on the “Latin Capital Letter E”:

Step 3: Verify the Selected Letter

The letter “E” having an accent will appear in the selected location of the file:

Note: The user can put an accent over different letters seen in the “Insert Special Characters ” window.

Method 2: Using the Google Docs Extension

Another way to put an accent over a letter is using the “Easy Accents” extension. To do so, the following steps are carried out:

Step 1: Search the “Easy Accents” Extension

Navigate to the “Extensions” tab from the menu bar and hover over the “add-ons” options. Select the first option, “Get add-ons”:

A new “Google Workspace Marketplace” window will open. There is a “Search bar” on the top left side of the opened window:

Type the name of the extension “Easy Accents” in the highlighted search bar:

Step 2: Install the “Easy Accents” Extension

Click on the selected extension and press the blue “Install” button:

A pop-up window containing two options, “CONTINUE” and “CANCEL”, will appear. Click on the “CONTINUE”:

After clicking on “CONTINUE”, a new verification window will open. Now choose the “Google account”:

The next step is to allow the extension access. To perform this task, click on the second button, “Allow”:

In the last, press the “Done” option. Now, the extension “Easy Extension” is successfully installed:

Step 3: Use the “Easy Accents” Extension

At this point, the “Easy Accent” extension is ready to use. Navigate to the “Extensions” tab. From the drop-down list, click on the “Easy Accents” extension:

A new window will open on the left side of the Google Docs. This “Easy Accents” window has the text field “Select a Language”. Here, the “Spanish” language is selected from the drop-down menu. In this case, press the second button:

The letter “E” will be inserted at the cursor point in the existing Google Doc:

That’s all from this guide!


The user can put an accent over a letter by using the “Insert Special Characters” window. However, a third-party extension named “Easy Accents” is also beneficial for performing this task. This post has demonstrated a step by step procedures of both methods. Among these, the “Special Characters” method is easy to follow and adds an accent within no time.