How to Refresh Discord: A Comprehensive Guide

Refreshing Discord can address various issues such as frozen screens, unresponsive features, or minor glitches that hinder smooth operation. By refreshing the application, a user essentially resets its processes, which often resolves these problems and improves performance. 

A detailed guide for both Discord desktop and mobile application will be covered in this article explaining all the different methods to refresh the Discord application

How to Refresh Discord on a Desktop?

There are four different methods that can be implemented to refresh a Discord Desktop application as mentioned below:

Method 1: Refresh Discord on Desktop Using Keyboard Shortcut

One of the easiest ways to refresh Discord on a computer is by utilizing a simple keyboard shortcut. First, a user needs to open their Discord account and then press the shortcut key of “Ctrl + R” which will refresh the Discord application. So, when a user presses this shortcut key then a black colored screen will appear which initiates the refresh process as shown below:

Refresh Discord

Then, after some time, its original screen will reappear again after the refresh process has been completed:

Refresh Discord1

Method 2: Refresh Discord Application by Closing the Application

In this method, a user needs to close the application completely to refresh it and then they can launch the application again. In a desktop version if a user closes the Discord application, then it won’t completely close in fact it will remain open in the tray at the bottom. So, a user needs to quit the Discord application from this tray as well to completely closes it: 

Method 3: Refresh Discord Application by Removing the Cache Files

Removing the Discord cache file can also be a great way to refresh the Discord application which can be done by following the below steps.

Step 1: Launch the Run Utility and Execute “%appdata%”

First, press the shortcut key of the “Windows + R” key to open the “Run” utility. Next, type “%appdata%” in the text field and then hit the “Ok” button to continue proceeding: 

Refresh Discord2

Step 2: Remove the Cache_Data

This will open a Roaming directory, find the “Discord” folder. Next, navigate to the “Cache_Data” folder under the Cache folder and delete its content or completely delete the “Cache_Data” directory:

Refresh Discord3

Method 4: Refresh Discord by Deleting the Application

Completely deleting the Discord application is one of the most effective ways to refresh the Discord application. 

Step 1: Launch Add or Remove Programs

To launch add or remove programs, first open the Run box by pressing the “Windows + R” keys and then, type “appwiz.cpl”. After that, hit the Enter key:

Refresh Discord4

Step 2: Uninstall Discord Application 

Next, find the Discord application, click on the three dots on the right side of the application, and choose the “Uninstall” option to completely delete it:

Refresh Discord5

After that, a user should download the fresh executable file of the Discord application from their official website and install it.

How to Refresh Discord on Mobile?

Two main methods that can be used to refresh Discord mobile application are discussed below:

  • Method 1: Closing and Relaunching Discord on Mobile Device
  • Method 2: Remove Discord Cache Files

Method 1: Closing and Relaunching Discord on Mobile Device

This method is very simple to attempt as a user only require to close the application and then re-launch again. Closing this application will refresh it and a user can find a better smooth experience in case of any lag.

Method 2: Clearing Discord Data and Cache Files

Clearing cache files will also clear the outdated data that is stored for the Discord application which will also improve its performance and resolve any issues associated with it. To clear the Discord cache on mobile, follow the below steps.

Step 1: Open Mobile Apps

First, navigate to the mobile settings and then launch the “Apps” settings. In some mobiles, this setting is saved as “App management” settings:

Step 2: Choose App Info

Next, click on the “App info/App settings” option from the displayed tab:

Step 3: Tap on the Storage Option

After that, choose the Discord app from the list of applications and tap on it:

Refresh Discord6

Next, click on the “Storage” option or “Storage & cache” option depending on the mobile model:

Refresh Discord7

Step 4: Tap on Clear Data and Clear Cache Icons

Lastly, click on the “Clear Data” and “Clear Cache” icons which will completely remove all the data stored for this app:

Refresh Discord8

That’s all on the guide “How to Refresh Discord?


Discord is a powerful communication tool, but occasional glitches can ruin the user experience. For a better and smooth experience, it is highly recommended to refresh your Discord application on any platform. Users can refresh the app by using the CTRL+R shortcut key, relaunching Discord completely, or clearing Discord data and cache. This blog has provided the complete detail about refreshing the Discord app.