How to Schedule Events on Discord?

Discord has become an essential tool for gamers and other online communities. It provides lots of different features and one of them is the ability to create events. Events allow users to create and participate in various activities, such as live streaming, gaming tournaments, and much more. 

This article will provide a detailed guide on how a user can create an event for the Discord Desktop application, but the same steps can be followed for mobile applications as well.

How to Schedule Events on Discord

Follow the below steps to schedule events on the Discord app.

Step 1: Select Server

The first step is to select the server where the user wants to schedule the event and then click on the server’s name or the drop-down menu beside it on the right side:

Step 2: Choose “Create Event”

This will open a list of different options where the user needs to click on the option of “Create Event”:

Step 3: Select an Event Inside a Voice Channel

At this stage, a user needs to select either the “Voice Channel” and then the channel category where this event takes place:

Note: Details regarding “Somewhere Else” will be discussed later in this article.

Step 4: Provide Event Information

It will be required to provide some information to create a channel such as “EVENT TOPIC”, “START DATE”, “END TIME”, and “DESCRIPTION”. The event topic will tell users what the event is all about whereas additional information regarding the event can be written inside the description. 

Providing a date and time is also necessary so that no one misses anything and can join the event on time. The “Cover Image” can also be uploaded for marketing purposes to attract more members:

Step 5: Review Event Details

Lastly, a user can see the preview of the event to verify if the event has been created properly and if nothing is missing. So, if every information is correct then click on the “Create Event” button else go back and make the required changes:

After clicking on the “Create Event” the event will be successfully created that a user can share with anyone by copying the event link as shown below:

How to Create an Event Somewhere Else?

The procedure of creating the event by choosing “Somewhere Else” will be the same as discussed above. 

The only difference is that the event will hold outside the voice channel as shown below:

How to Start the Event

When a user creates an event then a new category will appear on the server with the name “Event”:

When a user opens that event then all the information regarding that will be displayed such as the remaining time, event name, and its description. Server members can show their interest in joining the event by clicking on the “Interested” button whereas server admins can start the event by choosing the “Start” button:

When the server admins click on the “Start” button then a new dialogue box will appear asking for confirmation if they really want to start the event. Select the option of “Start Event” to start the event or else choose “Never mind” to postpone it:

It can be seen in the below image that the event has been started inside the voice channel:

How to Edit or Cancel the Event on Discord

If a user wants to edit or delete the created event due to any reason, then this can be done by first clicking on the created event:

After that click on the three-dotted lines just beside the share button on the left side:

Next either select the “edit” option to make some changes to the event or click on the “Cancel” to cancel the event:


Scheduling an event on the Discord application is one of the best ways to keep the community active and engaged. Events can be created inside and outside the voice channel. To create it inside the voice channel user, need to choose the option of “Voice Channel” otherwise “Somewhere else” can be chosen. Other than that users can edit or cancel the event as well which has been discussed in detail in this article.