How to Set Background Image in Google Docs?

Google Docs is a text-based online editor with a bundle of features to facilitate its users. At the same time, Google Docs also allows you to set the background image and insert some textual information on it. The visual effects such as themes, background images, and layouts assist in attracting more users. The purpose of this post is to demonstrate all possible methods to set the background image in Google Docs.

Let’s start with the first one:

Method 1: Inserting Image as Background Image in Google Docs

Google Docs provides the “Image” option from the “Insert” tab to add an image as a background in a document. Let’s see how it works:

Open an existing document to set the background image in Google Docs:

Select the “Image” option from the “Insert” tab and hit the “Upload from computer” in Google Docs:

Choose a background image (in our case, “computer.jpg”)from the local system. You can verify it from the below screenshot:

Once the image is uploaded, it is placed in Google Docs as shown in the below figure:

You can add some text to the image as well.

After pressing the left button of the mouse cursor, select the“Behind text”option at the bottom of the image:

The user can write any text in front of Google Docs. In this scenario, “Welcome to Google Docs”is written, which can be seen in the figure below:

That’s it! The background image to your document has been added.

Method 2: Using Drawing Tool for Setting Background Image in Google Docs

Google Docs offers an alternative method to set the background image by the drawing tool. The detailed procedure is demonstrated here:

Select the “New” button by hovering over the “Drawing” option of the “Insert” tab in Google Docs:

Insert an image by pressing the image icon located in the toolbar of the Drawing window:

In this scenario, upload the image from the local system here:

Hence, an image is placed in the Drawing window. Now, users can add text by pressing the “Text box” in the toolbar window:

In this scenario, type any word (“Flower”) at the front of the image as can be seen below image and press the “Save and Close” button:

Verify the background image along with text in the below Google Docs:

Good Luck! Now you have set the background image in Google Docs.


In Google Docs, select the “Image” option and the “Drawing” tool to set the background image in the document. The“Image” and “Drawing” options are available by pressing the “Insert” tab in the menu bar of Google Docs. To add text to the image, the user can upload an image and select the “Behind text” option by pressing the right-click on the image. This article has demonstrated two methods for placing the background image in Google Docs.