How to Spell Check in Google Docs?

Google Docs is an open-source editing tool in which multiple people can collaborate. Being top of a line text editor, it offers various built-in and third-party support to check for grammatical errors, text formatting errors, etc. One of them is spell check to identify spelling mistakes. This post will demonstrate the methods to spell check in Google Docs.

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Let’s start with the first method:

How to Spell Check in Google Docs?

As discussed earlier, the spell check feature has the key importance while writing an academic document or creating any business/industrial documentation. To use/enable the spell check in Google Docs, do follow the steps provided below:

Step 1: Open the Google Docs Document

Firstly, open Google Docs. The user can select either a blank or an existing document. In this scenario, an existing document is as being followed:

Step 2: Invoke the “Spelling and grammar” Option

Hover over the submenu of “Spelling and Grammar” from the “Tools” tab and click on the first option as shown below:

Check For Suggestions

After clicking the option, a pop-up window will appear which shows the mistakes in the document and suggests the correct spelling of the highlighted word:

Accept or Ignore the Suggestion

The “Spelling and Grammar” window has two buttons, “Accept” and “Ignore”. If the user considers the recommended word, then the user has to opt for the “Accept” button; otherwise, press “Ignore”:

Once the acceptance or rejection is completed, a pop-up text would appear showing “Document looks good”, which means there are no unattended grammar mistakes in the document.

Note: The user can open the “Spelling and grammar” window using the shortcut key “Ctrl+Alt+X”.

How to Spell Check in Google Docs Using Mobile App?

The spelling can be auto-checked in the Google Docs Mobile app. For this purpose following steps are illustrated:

Click on the three dots “Kebab” menu shown at the top left position of the existing document:

A drop-down list will pop up containing various options after clicking on the “Kebab” menu. Move to the “Spellcheck” option and press it:

The mistakes will be highlighted in the existing document when the “Spellcheck” option is on. A small suggestion box will open at the bottom of the document. This box shows the correct spelling of the highlighted word and also has the “Change” and “Ignore” options. To accept the suggestion, click on the “Change” option otherwise, press “Ignore‘:

In this scenario, the recommended suggestions are accepted by pressing the “Change” option. Hence all the highlighted spelling mistakes are corrected. The document looks perfect:

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Google Docs provides a “Spelling and grammar check” option and the “Ctrl+Alt+X” shortcut key to spell check the document. The “Spellcheck” option in Google Docs mobile app is also available. In this article, all the possible methods are described to spell check in Google Docs.