How to Turn on Google Sheets Dark Mode

Dark mode has grown in popularity in the modern digital world as a result of its capacity to deliver an appealing and relaxing user experience. Dark mode appeals to the human eye and preserves battery life while having a smooth design. A feature called “dark mode” in the popular spreadsheet program Google Sheets enables users to work in a more creative and pleasing setting.

In 3 easy steps, “Dark Mode” can be enabled in Google Sheets of mobile applications and also on desktop versions which are demonstrated in this post. 

What Function Does Google Sheets’ Dark Mode Have?

A powerful online spreadsheet program, Google Sheets is a part of the Google Workspace family. In order to improve the user experience, Google added a dark mode feature for Google Sheets in response to the rising demand for this functionality. One can experience a pleasing interface while working on the spreadsheets by turning on dark mode.

What Benefits Does Google Sheets’ Dark Mode Feature Offer?

The major benefits of “Dark Mode” in Google Sheets are:

  • Reduced Eye Strain: Spending more time in front of the screen can cause the strain in eyes which can be reduced by enabling the dark mode. The Dark Mode features of the spreadsheet emit blue light which saves the eyes from the reduced eye.
  • Improved Focus: Dark mode feature in Google Sheets minimize distractions and helps the users to concentrate on the content by using the darker theme. 
  • Creative Pleasing: The darker theme of the Dark mode provides eye-relaxing and visually appealing sheets. 
  • Battery Savings: On OLED or AMOLED screens, the dark mode saves the battery by consuming less battery. 

How can I Enable the Google Sheets Desktop Application’s Dark Mode?

To turn on or enable the “Dark Mode” in the Google Sheets desktop version, we have to install the extension in Google Chrome. Search for the “Dark Mode Night Eye” in the search bar of the following mentioned link:

Then click on the Extensions on the Google Chrome browser and turn on the extension:

The “Dark mode” is enabled in the browser:

How to Turn On Google Sheets Dark Mode on Mobile?

Whether you are using the IOS or Android mobile, in both you can enjoy the built-in feature of the “Dark mode”. This can be used by following 3 simple steps:

Step 1: Access the Settings in Google Sheet Application

First, open the application of “Google Sheets” and then navigate to “Settings”:

Step 2: Choose the Theme Option

When the “Settings” has been opened, then click on the “Theme”:

Step 3: Choose the Dark Theme

By default the “System default” theme is applied, change it to the “Dark”:

The dark mode is enabled in the Google Sheets:


To turn on Google Sheets dark mode, simply access “Settings” in the mobile application, then choose “Theme” and finally “Dark” to apply it. The feature of the dark mode is not available in the desktop versions but can be used by downloading different Google Chrome extensions. This post has explained the methods to turn on the dark mode in Google Sheets on the mobile version as well as on the Desktop.