How to Use Percentage Formula in Google Sheets

A powerful and user-friendly spreadsheet program that enables you to modify and analyze significant volumes of data is called Google Sheets. The use of percentages is one of the key ideas in any spreadsheet program and in many calculations, including those involving discounts, taxes, and profit margins, percentages are employed to describe proportions, ratios, and rates.

One can quickly calculate percentages in Google Sheets and use them to transform their data. In this tutorial, we’ll go over the fundamentals of Google Sheets’ percentage formula and show you exactly how to apply it to a range of calculations.

What is the Basic Percentage Formula?

To determine a number or value’s percentage in relation to a total, use the percentage formula. It entails multiplying the quantity by 100 and dividing the result by the sum. The equation can be written as follows:

percentage = (number / total) x 100

For example, one student gets 67 marks out of 100, to find the percentage he obtains using the above formula:

% obtain  = (67/100)x100 = 67%

How to Use the Percentage Formula in Google Sheets?

To use the percentage formula in Google Sheets, one should follow the steps:

  • Open the Google spreadsheet
  • Select the cell or the first cell of the column, where the formula of the percentage is supposed to apply
  • In the formula bar, define the formula by using the “equal” sign
  • Define the percentage formula by dividing the obtained value cells by total value cells, then multiply it by 100. 

The above-mentioned steps are going to be explained with the help of an example, for example, we have a student’s result and we will find their result in percentage. 

Step 1: Open the Google Spreadsheet

First, we will open the Google Sheet with the name “Student Results”:

Define the column of “Result Percentage”

Step 2: Select the Cells in Google Sheets

The formula is supposed to be applied to the entire column, so we will select the first cell of the column:

Note: To understand the other methods of applying formulas to the entire column, visit the link.

Step 3: Initiate the Formula in Google Sheets

Initiate the formula in the formula bar by using the equal sign as shown:

Step 4: Define the Formula in Google Sheets

After inserting the equal sign, define the formula which in our case will be:


The total marks in our case is 100 so we have to use the value 100 in total marks. Now apply the formula to the entire column:

The percentage formula is applied in the Google Sheet of Student Results. 


To use the percentage formula in Google Sheets, select the cell and define the percentage formula by initiating it with the equal sign in the formula bar. When the formula is defined, apply the apply to the entire column if needed. This post demonstrates the usage of the percentage formula in Google Sheets and also defines the basic percentage formula; this percentage formula can be used to calculate tax, profit, and other financial calculations.