How to Turn On Streamer Mode in Discord?

Discord is a multi-feature application that is typically considered for communication with friends while playing games. It shows the current playing activity on the user’s Discord profile to let the people know which game or activity is being played. To hide the playing activity from the users, the streamer mode is examined. To turn on the steamer mode in Discord, two methods are considered.

This post will cover the methods to turn on the Steamer mode in Discord.

Method 1: Through Streamer Mode Settings

The first method to turn on the streamer mode is by using the “Streamer Mode” settings. Check the practical implementation of this method in the provided steps.

Step 1: Access User’s Settings 

launch the Discord app and press the settings “Gear” icon to access the user’s settings:

Step 2: Enable Streamer Mode

From the “USER SETTINGS”, scroll down click on “Streamer Mode” and turn on the toggle of the “Enable Streamer Mode” option:

Step 3: Verification

The “Streamer Mode” is turned on as shown in following image:

Method 2: Through Keybinds Settings

Another possible method to turn on the streamer mode is through the “Keybinds” settings. A shortcut key will be defined and that particular shortcut key will be used to turn on the streamer mode. Let’s check this method in the instructions below. 

Step 1: Access User’s Settings

Launch the Discord and access the user’s settings by hitting the “Gear” icon:

Step 2: Add a Keybind

After that, go to the “Keybinds” settings and press the “Add a Keybind” button:

The key bind option will be added as shown:

Step 3: Select the Toggle Streamer Mode

Then, choose the “Toggle Streamer Mode” option from the “ACTION” drop-down and define the shortcut key to use it:

The shortcut key “S” for the streamer mode is added.

Step 4: Verify the Working

To verify the method press the defined shortcut key “S” and the streamer mode will be turned on as shown in the following GIF:

Stramer mode discord

The methods to turn on the streamer mode in Discord have been covered.


To turn on the “Streamer Mode” in Discord, the two methods are considered. The first method is through the “Streamer Mode” settings and the second is through the “Keybinds” settings. For using the “Streamer Mode” settings, go to the user’s settings and toggle on the “Enable Streamer Mode” option. For using the “Keybinds” settings, add the Keybind, define the shortcut key, and choose the “Toggle Streamer Mode” option from the “ACTION” drop-down menu. Then, use the defined shortcut key to turn on streamer mode. This article has instructed the methods to turn on the streamer mode in Discord.