How to Hyperlink in Google Docs

A hyperlink is nothing but a URL that is applied to a text in Google Docs. The purpose is to either refer to the source of that text or to provide detailed knowledge about it. It is very easy to add hyperlinks in Google Docs. This Google Docs guide provides a detailed explanation to add a Hyperlink. The following methods are discussed in this post:

Let’s dig into methods one by one.

Method 1: Using the Insert tab to Hyperlink in Google Docs

A famous method is considered for inserting the hyperlink in Google Docs. Before starting it, an existing document is opened in the below screenshot.

Ensure you have copied a URL/link that needs to be applied to a text as a hyperlink. Let’s move toward the process now:

Select the text first where the hyperlink is inserted. After that, press the “Insert” tab of the menu bar and choose the “Link” option in the dropdown list of Google Docs.

It navigates to a pop-up window, paste the copied “URL” and hits the “Apply” button.

Hence, the hyperlink “” is added to Google Docs, and the color of the selected text is converted to blue with underlined text.

That’s it! The users can click the hyperlink to get the attached link.

Method 2: Using Toolbar to Hyperlink in Google Docs

An alternative method is adapted to add hyperlinks in existing documents of Google Docs. For this purpose, the toolbar of Google Docs is utilized. It is one of the quickest methods that professionals use to insert hyperlinks.

First, select the particular portion/text and press the “Insert link” icon in the toolbar.

After pressing the icon, a pop-up window is generated with a textbox. Now, users can paste the source of any website/link in this window and hit the “Apply” button.

Now, you can authenticate in the below screenshot that the hyperlink is successfully inserted in Google Docs.

Wait! We have another method for you.

Method 3: Using Hyperlink to Insert Hyperlink in Google Docs

Apart from the methods mentioned above, the same process can be performed using the shortcut key “CTRL+K”. Select the text where the user wants to insert the hyperlink and press “CTRL+K”. The following hyperlink window will appear.

Paste the link in the textbox and click the “Apply” button.

The hyperlink will be created on the specified text. Verify it by clicking on the hyperlink as we did here.

That’s it! You are all done with the possible methods to hyperlink in Google Docs.


Google Docs provides the “Link” option and “Insert link” icon to hyperlink in Google Docs. The “Link” option comes out by pressing the “Insert” tab located in the menu bar of Google Docs. Moreover, the “Insert link” icon adds the link that is located in the toolbar. Both these methods are applied after selecting the specified portion/text of the existing document. The shortcut key “Ctrl+K” is also utilized to insert the hyperlink in Google Docs. This post has explained all possible methods to hyperlink in Google Docs.