What Does Idle Mean on Discord?

Discord is just like a social media platform that keeps the user engaged with friends and community members. One of the fantastic features of Discord is to add a custom status for the availability of the user. By default, it shows the online status of the Discord user. However, you have noticed the idle status of the particular user and are willing to know what it actually means.

This post aims to describe the meaning of the idle status on Discord:

What Does Idle Status Mean on Discord?

The Discord Idle status means that the user is busy in doing other important tasks but the Discord application is still active or open in the system. If the user doesn’t perform any activity for more than 5 minutes on Discord, it automatically sets to idle. By default, the idle status icon is “Yellow Crescent Moon”. Additionally, the user can set the “Idle” status manually too.

How to Manually Set the Idle Status?

To set the idle status on Discord manually, go through the provided guidelines.

Step 1: Navigate to Profile

Launch the Discord application via the system Start menu, navigate to the profile icon of the user, and click on it:

Step 2: Set Idle Status 

From the drop-down, hover on the currently set status option such as “Online” which will show the sub-context menu. Then, click on the “Idle” status:

Step 3: Verification

Upon doing so, the “idle” status will be set on Discord:

Bonus Tip: How to Manually Set the Idle Status on Mobile App?

For the mobile app user of Discord, see the below-given demonstration to set the idle status on Discord.

Step 1: Go to User’s Settings

Launch the Discord app and access the user’s settings by hitting the “Profile” icon:

Step 2: Set Status

After that, go to the “Set Status” option to set the status:

Step 3: Choose Idle Status 

A dialog box will pop up, click on the “Idle” status to set it on Discord:

Step 4: Verification

After performing the above steps, the status will be changed to “Idle”:

We have covered all about the “Idle” status on Discord.


The “Idle” status means that a person is available on Discord but busy with some other activities, or in simple words the person is inactive. It automatically sets Discord if the person is not performing any activity for more than 5 minutes. To set the Idle status on Discord, click on the user profile at the bottom, hover on the currently set status, and choose the “Idle” option from the sub-context menu. This write-up has answered the query “What Does Idle Mean on Discord?”.