How to import bookmarks from Chrome to Firefox

While using the internet, users save their favorite web address or any link as a Bookmark. If the users wish to change the browser, then the bookmarks can also be shifted to that browser (applicable only on the state of the practice browsers, i.e., Chrome, Firefox, Edge). This post will demonstrate the method to import bookmarks from chrome to firefox on Linux operating system.

How to Import Bookmarks From Chrome to Firefox?

Bookmarks usually appear below the address bar on your Chrome browser, which is present for easy access. Check out the sample bookmarks below:

Head over to the steps to import bookmarks from Chrome to Firefox:

Step 1: Open Bookmarks Manager

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The first step is to click on the Chrome menu and go to “Bookmarks”,and then click on “Bookmark manager” Bookmark manager is demonstrated below:

Step 2: Export Bookmarks

In the menu bar of Bookmark manager, click on the “Export bookmarks” option as shown:

Step 3: Save the Bookmarks

After that, a pop-up will appear asking you to save the file as “HTML”. Name the file and also choose its location. Once done, save the file as shown:

Step 4: Open Firefox

Once the HTML file is downloaded to your specified location, you can open your Firefox browser and select Bookmarks in your Firefox menu:

In the Bookmarks tab, click on the Manage bookmarks option as demonstrated below:

Step 5: Import Bookmarks

A library will be opened, click on the “Import and Backup” option and then navigate to “Import Bookmarks from HTML” as shown:

In the next pop-up window, select the HTML file which contains the Bookmarks and then press the “Select” option as shown:

This will import the Bookmarks into your Firefox browser, which can be checked in the Bookmarks option in your browser menu as demonstrated below:

That’s all from this guide!


To import bookmarks from the Chrome browser to the Firefox browser, the user needs to open up the bookmarks settings on Chrome and export the bookmarks as an HTML file. This file will be imported into the Firefox browser, allowing the bookmarks to be successfully transferred. This article has provided all the necessary steps to be able to import bookmarks from Chrome to Firefox.