Import Docx to Google Docs

Google Docs is a popular text editor containing a bundle of built-in functionalities. These functionalities include “inserting a row/column in a table”, “making a graph”, “creating a poster”, and much more. In addition, Google Docs allows users to import Docx files and modify them according to their requirements. This article demonstrates the possible ways to import docx files into Google Docs. The content of this article is illustrated below:

  • How to Import Docx to Google Docs?
  • How to Import Docx to Google Docs Using Mobile App?

Let us start today’s guide!

How to Import Docx to Google Docs?

In Google Docs, different formats such as Docx files, and pdf files can be imported through Google Drive. This section provides the step-by-step procedure to import a Docx file in Google Docs.

Let us start with step one:

Step 1: Upload the File to Drive

Firstly, open Google Drive on the chrome browser and click on the “New” button:

Hover over the “File upload” option and upload the docx file from the directory to Google Drive:

The docx file has been uploaded to Google Drive as shown in below figure:

Step 2: Import Docx File

Select the “Google Docs” option by hovering over the “Open with” after clicking on the uploaded file:

Step 3: Verify Docx File

The docx file has been opened on Google DocsWindow as shown below:

Step 4: Save the File

Press the “File” Tab from the menu bar. It contains a drop-down menu containing various options. Choose the “Save as Google Docs” option to save the docx file:

Step 5: Display the Converted Docs File

The “docx” file has been converted into the “docs” file and automatically saved in Google Drive:

Let’s explore in the mobile Google Docs.

How to Import Docx to Google Docs Using Mobile App?

The Google Docs mobile application is also useful for importing Docx files into Google Docs. To perform this task, some essential steps are followed:

Step 1: Upload the File

Open the Google Drive mobile application. Press the “+” icon located at the bottom right position and select the “Upload” option to upload the docx file:

Step 2: Import Docx File

After uploading the docx file to the Drive, open the file in the Google Docs window:

A drop-down list will pop up containing various options after clicking on the “Kebab” menu.Press the “Share & export” option:

In the “Share & export” window, choose the “Save As” option that will be used to save the docs file:

After pressing the“Save As” option, a new list will pop up containing the different formats options. Save the current file as the “Google Docs” as shown below:

Step 3: Verify the Conversion

The current Docx file is converted into a Google Docs file, verified by the popup message shown below:

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To import a Docx file to Google Docs, use the “File upload” option in “Google Drive”. After that, press the “Save as Google Docs” option in the “File” tab from Google Docs to save the docx file into the docs file format. The same process can be done using the Google Docs mobile application. This guide has explained the essential methods to import docx to Google Docs.