How to Import Excel Sheets to Google Docs?

Google Docs assist their audience in creating and modifying documents through a variety of built-in functionalities. In certain situations, the user may need to import excel data in Google Docs to present that data in academic or business documentation. This guide provides a method to import excel sheets and excel sheet graphs to Google Docs. This guideline has the following content:

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Method 1: How to Import Excel Sheet to Google Docs?

Excel Sheets is famous for storing, organizing, and calculating data in rows and columns. To import the Google data into Google Docs, follow the below-mentioned steps:

Step 1: Open Excel Sheet

An existing excel sheet is carried out having some data already pasted in it:

Step 2: Copy the Selected Text

To copy the existing data in a sheet, select all the text with the mouse cursor or use the “CTRL+A” shortcut key. After selecting the text, choose the “Copy” option from the “Edit” tab or the “CTRL+C” key:

Step 3: Paste in Google Docs

After copying data from the excel sheet, open an existing Google Docs and paste it here through the “Paste” option:

It pops up a new window with two options: “Link to spreadsheet” and “Paste unlinked”. Choose the “Link to spreadsheet” option and hit the “Paste” button as seen below:

Note: The link to the spreadsheet option will synchronize the changes with the spreadsheet and the Google Docs.

Step 4: Verify Imported Excel Sheet Data

Users can verify that excel sheet data has been successfully imported into Google Docs as displayed here:

For importing charts, let’s discuss an interesting method.

Method 2: How to Import Excel Sheet Graphs to Google Docs?

The excel sheet graphs can also be imported into Google Docs. The graphs, alongside their values, will be inserted into Google Docs. Let’s see how it can be done:

Step 1: Pick the Chart option

To import the excel sheet, choose the “From Sheets” option by hovering over the “Chart” from the “Insert” tab:

Step 2: Choose Excel Sheet

It navigates to the existing sheets list, pick one to import into the Google Docs, and chooses the “Select” button as below:

Step 3: Hit the Import button

Hit the “Import” button to import it into Google Docs:

Finally, the excel sheet will be imported into Google Docs:

Bonus Tip: How to Import Excel Sheet to Google Docs Using Mobile App?

It is an additional tip to import the excel sheet to Google Docs in the mobile application. For this, select the text from the “Google Sheet” and hit the “Copy” option as shown below figure:

After copying the data from the sheet, open “Google Docs” and choose the “Paste” option as below:

Hence, the tabular data of the excel sheet has been successfully imported to Google Docs.

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Importing an excel sheet to Google Docs is possible by copying tabular data through the “CTRL+C” key and pasting it into Google Docs via the “CTRL+V” key. Also, users can import flowcharts, diagrams, and graphs from the excel sheet through the “Charts” option of the “Insert” tab. In addition, an excel sheet can also be imported to Google Docs in the mobile application. This guide has covered all aspects of importing the excel sheet in Google Docs.