How to Indent Paragraphs in Google Docs

Google Docs is a popular online text editor tool that provides various features to manipulate text.

These manipulations include bolding text, indenting paragraphs, changing the font style, highlighting text, and many more in Google Docs. The indenting term refers to formatting a document in Google Docs. In this Google Docs guide, we will demonstrate numerous methods to indent paragraphs. These methods are useful for gaining the reader’s attention to the whole document of Google Docs.

Let’s explore each method one by one!

Method 1: Using Indent Buttons to Indent Paragraphs

The method consists of “Increase Indent” and“Decrease Indent” buttons to move paragraphs right and left, respectively. The step-by-step guidance to indent paragraph is discussed below:

Increase the Indent

After selecting the text, you can apply the “Increase Indent” button on the selected paragraph to move the text toward the right side in Google Docs:

After applying the “Increase Indent” button, the paragraph indents towards the right in Google Docs as shown in the below figure: 

Decrease the Indent

The “Decrease indent” button decreases the indentation value of the selected paragraph. This button is located on the toolbar of Google Docs, as shown below:

Now, select the paragraph and click the “Decrease indent” button to move the paragraph leftwards. As the paragraph was right indented therefore, the “Decrease indent” button will reset the position of the paragraph by moving it leftwards:

Method 2: Using Tab Button to Indent Paragraph

Another method is adapted with the “Tab” button to indent the paragraph in Google Docs. In this method, the “Tab” button is utilized for indenting the paragraph in the right direction.

Firstly, write a paragraph in Google Docs or choose the existing one to perform an indent functionality. After that, apply the “Tab” button to indent the paragraph in the right direction of Google Docs:

An indented paragraph can be displayed in the below figure after clicking the “Tab” button:

Method 3: Using Ruler to Indent Paragraph in Google Docs

Another method is followed with a “Ruler” feature to indent the paragraph left or right based on user needs in Google Docs.

Select the paragraph you want to indent. Then, move the cursor towards the “Ruler” to hold the ruler:

Move the “Ruler” to the left or right per your requirements. A measurement value (positive/negative) will be displayed on the ruler. The positive value indicates that you have moved the paragraph rightwards, and the negative ruler’s value shows that the paragraph has moved leftwards from the initial position of the “Ruler”. The image shown below shows that there is a positive value displayed on the ruler, which states that the paragraph is being indented rightwards:


In Google Docs, the “Indent” buttons, “Tab” key, and “Ruler” tool can be used to indent the selected paragraph. Firstly, the “Indent” button moves the paragraph text left or right by pressing the “Increase Indent” and “Decrease Indent” buttons. Secondly, the “Tab” button indents the selected paragraph to the right side. Finally, the “Ruler” sets the selected text according to the user’s needs in Google Docs. Hence, this post explains different methods for indenting paragraphs in Google Docs.