How to Insert an Infographic Into Google Docs?

Infographics are the visual representation of information. It contains a list of elements such as icons, images, text, symbols, arrows, and much more. In Google Docs, the Infographics facilitate the users to understand complicated concepts by utilizing graphs, flow charts, diagrams, etc. Considering its importance, this article explains all the possible methods to insert infographics in Google Docs. The guideline of this article is illustrated below:

  • Method 1: Create and Insert a Customized Infographic in Google Docs
  • Method 2: Insert Infographic in Google Docs Using Third Party Website

Let’s start with the first method!

Method 1: Create and Insert a Customized Infographic in Google Docs

This method explains another way of inserting an infographic in Google Docs. To perform this task, some essential steps are demonstrated below:

Step 1: Open the Drawing Window

Firstly, move toward the “Insert” tab and select the “Drawing” option, and next click on the “New” option from the submenu of “Drawing”:

Step 2: Create the Customized Infographic

To make the infographic into Google Docs, select the shapes from the “Shapes” icon in the toolbar. For this purpose, choose the “Rounded Rectangle” shape. Adjust the shape, border color, and width of the Rounded Rectangle shape as below:

Add Lines

Now add the lines to connect the rounded rectangle shapes. To do this, hit on the “Line” icon. Adjust the line weight and color of the drawn lines:

Add Text Box

To add the text in the current shapes, use the “Text box“. After that, set the font color and font size. In the end, adjust the placement of the text to the current shapes:

Step 3: Insert Infographic in Google Docs

After pressing the “Save and close” button of the “Drawing” window. The diagram will automatically appear in the document:

Method 2: Insert Infographic in Google Docs Using Third Party Website

There are various websites to download infographic templates. This method demonstrates the step-by-step procedure to insert a built-in template in Google Docs from the website

Step 1: Choose the Template

Open the below website with the help of provided link:

For this instance, a “Free Event Planning Timeline” template is selected as shown in below figure:

Step 2: Download the Template

It navigates to the new window. Select the file format as “Google Docs” by clicking on the drop-down arrow:

Furthermore, press the “Free Download” button to download the current template:

Step 3: Allow the Permission

In this step, allow access and hit the button “Free Download” as shown below:

It moves towards another window. Click on the button “Make a copy”, and the downloaded template will automatically open on Google Docs. The user also copies the URL and uses it in Google Docs:

Step 4: Add Template in Google Docs

When the template is successfully downloaded, it will be inserted into the Google Docs:

The user can customize the built-in template according to the required content.


Google Docs offers a “Drawing” window for inserting an infographic into Google Docs. The window contains “Shapes“, “Lines“, and “Text box” used to create the infographic according to user needs. In addition, you can download the infographic templates from the website and insert them into Google Docs. In this article, all possible methods have been demonstrated to insert infographics in Google Docs.