How Do You Insert Multiple Pages in Google Docs?

The “Multiple Pages” technique is used to maintain the formatting of long documents such as academic theses, research papers, reports, etc. The “Page break” feature is the key component to add a single or multiple pages in Google Docs. The “Page break” option is accessible in the “Insert” tab of the “Menu Bar”. The page break will end the current page of the document and will take the user to the next page.

This write-up will illustrate the insertion of multiple pages in Google Docs.

The content of the post is as follows:

Let’s start this guide.

Method 1: Using Menu Bar to Insert Multiple Pages in Google Docs

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In this method, the “Menu Bar” is used to add the page, and the process will be repeated multiple times to insert numerous pages. To do so, the below steps are performed:

Step 1: Open a Google Doc

Open your Google Docs and click on the “Insert” tab from the “Menu Bar” as shown in below image:

Step 2: Apply a Page Break

From the dropdown menu, hover on the “Break” and select the “Page Break” option:

Step 3: Repeat the Page Breaks

The users should apply multiple page breaks to add the pages as per their requirements:

The screenshot shows that the document comprises a total of 5 pages.

Method 2: Using Shortcut Key to Insert Multiple Pages in Google Docs

In this method, the keyboard shortcut key (Ctrl +Enter) will be used to enter multiple pages in Google docs. Follow the instructions below.

Click on the text/place from where you want to add new pages. Then, hit the “Ctrl + Enter” key to add multiple pages. The process can be observed in the following “GIF”:

These methods are applied on the desktop version of Google Docs. However, multiple pages can be added from the Google Docs mobile app version.

Bonus Tip: Insert Multiple Pages on Google Docs Mobile App

Mobile App support for Google Documents is also available, and users can add multiple pages on Mobile as well. Let’s discuss the method to add multiple pages on Mobile App in Google Docs. Open your document and click where the user wants to apply a page break.

After that, click on the “+” option from the top bar as shown below:

A dropdown will open from the bottom of the screen; click on the “Page break” option multiple times ( according to your requirement):

Pages will be added; see the image below:

That’s all from this guide!


Users can add multiple pages from the “Insert” option at the Menu Bar or by pressing the shortcut key “Ctrl+Enter” from the keyboard. In this post, two methods are explained in detail to insert multiple pages in Google Docs. Apart from that, the mobile method is also explained to insert multiple pages in Google Docs. The most efficient and quick method to add multiple pages is using the shortcut key “Ctrl+Enter” continuously. This Google Docs post provides a detailed demonstration of adding multiple pages in Google Docs.