How to Insert Signature in Google Docs

A signature is a unique way to recognize any person’s identification and verify or keep a record of any agreement. Google Docs allows us to perform text modifications, including signature insertion. Google Docs accepts digital signatures and can be placed anywhere in the document.

Today, we will guide you through inserting a signature into Google Docs. The outcomes of this post are listed as follows:

Let’s get started:

Method 1: Insert New Signature from Drawing Tool

In Google Docs, the drawing tool is famous and easy to use for performing manipulations with text. It is accessed through the “Insert” tab. A method is considered here to insert an electronic signature into an existing Google Doc, which is provided below:

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Select the “Insert” button and hover over the “Drawing” option. It generates the dropdown list. Selects the “+New” from the dropdown:

A signature with the name “John” is drawn by employing the “Scribble” in the “Drawing” window. After that, press the “Save and Close” button to insert the signature into Google Docs:

The specified signature of “John” is inserted into Google Docs. Users can adjust the size and position by dragging the signature based on its demands.

The following figure validates that the task of inserting the signature has been completed in Google Docs.

The following figure validates that the task of inserting the signature has been completed in Google Docs.

Method 2: Insert Existing Signature From Image

Another method is adapted to insert the existing signature via image format. Sometimes, users save the signatures as images that can be used anywhere at runtime. In such a case, the Google Docs “ Image” tab can be used to upload it as an image.

To do so, click on the “Insert” option and then navigate to the “Image” option. A drop-down menu will appear where we can choose the “Upload from Computer” option:

After pressing the “Upload from computer” option, it navigates to the window of the local system storage, and users can select an image (such as “signature.png” in our case)from the local system.

Hence, the below figure validates that the existing signature is successfully inserted in Google Docs.

That’s it! You have learned all the possible methods to insert signatures into Google Docs.


In Google Docs, the “Drawing” and “Image” options from the “Insert” tab allow users to insert a signature. The “Drawing” option provides a canvas to draw electronic signatures with the help of “Scribble”. On the other hand, the Image” option is utilized to insert the existing signature image in Google Docs. This Google Docs guide has provided a detailed demonstration of inserting signatures into Google Docs.