How to Insert a Textbox in Google Docs

Google Docs has countless features that offer handy support to editors, authors, and publishers. These features include setting up page margins, inserting a table, inserting a text box, etc. The text box is used to write any text in the given space. If you are looking to insert a text box in Google Docs, then this post will guide you in this regard. 

To insert a textbox in Google Docs, the below methods are performed:

Let’s start with the first method:

Method 1: Insert a Text Box From Drawing Tools

This method makes use of drawing tools for the insertion of a text box in Google Docs. To complete this task, the below steps are carried out:

Step1: Open Docs

First, the “Docs” icon is selected after opening the browser window. It navigates to the different templates of Google Docs and also shows the existing documents:

Step 2: Open a Blank/Existing Doc

Select the “Blank” document to insert a textbox on Google Docs to write any text or information:

Step 3: Open Drawing Tool and Insert Text Box

Press the “Insert” button that generates the drop-down menu. From that, hover over the “Drawing” option and click “New”:

A canvas will appear. Press the “Text box” to insert a textbox into the drawing canvas. The screenshot is provided here:

After that, a selection tool will appear which allows you to draw the text box as per your requirement (the size of the text box can be changed). Users can write any type of text here. Moreover, a toolbar is available from where you can change the font size and choose the font style, as shown below:

Once done, click on the “Save and Close” option.

Step 4: Verifying a Text Box in Google Docs

The customized text box will appear where your cursor was placed, as can be seen below:

That’s it! You can now utilize the drawing tool for creating the text box.

Method 2: Insert a Text Box From Table Cell

Another method is considered for inserting a text box from the table cell in Google Docs. Moreover, it performs the same functionality as the textbox in Google Docs. The steps that are followed to insert the text box in Google Docs are provided below:

Step 1: Inserting a Cell from Table as TextBox

Select the “Insert” button that generates the dropdown list with different options. After that, hover on the “Table” option and choose the specified (1×1) dimensions that refer to the textbox of Google Docs:

Step 2: Verify a TextBox in Google Docs

After clicking the cell, a text box (in the form of a table cell) is inserted into Google Docs. In this box, users can write any information based on their needs. The screenshot is as follows, which validates the insertion of a textbox in Google Docs:

Once done! You are now all set to insert a text box using the table option in Google Docs.

That’s all from this informative guide!


In Google Docs, a text box is inserted from the “Drawing” tool and the “Table” cell. The “Drawing” tool is accessed through the “Insert” button in the Menu Bar. On the other hand, insertion of a text box is also possible by selecting the “Table” option from the “Insert” button. Moreover, users can specify the number of cells (usually 1×1) that refer to a text box. In this post, users have learned the insertion of a text box in Google Docs.