How to Insert ​​Typewriter Font in Google Docs?

Google Docs is a popular editing tool having numerous font styles that users can adapt according to their requirements. An interesting font, “typewriter”, has its own significance that was used in the late 19s. Additionally, you can utilize different variants of “typewriter” font styles such as “Courier” and “Courier-New” for writing in typewriter font. This guide will explain the method for inserting Typewriter font in Google Docs.

The content of this guideline is as follows:

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Method 1: How to Insert Typewriter Font Using Google Docs Web Version?

The easiest method is considered to insert the typewriter font in Google Docs. Additionally, it is useful to change the existing font to “typewriter” by following the below-mentioned steps:

Step 1: Open Google Docs

An existing document is carried out to insert the typewriter font displayed below:

Step 2: Change the Font (Courier)

To select the required font style, hit the “More fonts” option that comes from the “Toolbar” as below:

It navigates to the new “Fonts” window, where you need to type the “courier” in the search bar and choose the built-in font style “Courier”. After selecting the font, hit the “OK” button that is located at the bottom of the window:

Step 3: Insert Typewriter Font

Now, you can insert any text that follows the writing pattern of the typewriter. In our case, type a single line of text in the “typewriter” font as below:

Let’s head over to insert the typewriter font in Mobile Application.

Method 2: How to Insert Typewriter Font Using Google Docs Mobile App?

Google Docs assists in inserting the typewriter font into documents. In a very short time, mobile users can insert this font and write anything according to their needs. The step-by-step procedure is demonstrated below to enable this font:

Step 1: Select Font (Courier)

After opening the document in Google Docs, hit the “Font” button at the top of the window. It pops a new window with multiple options available regarding modification text. Select the “Font” option:

It navigates to the list of different font styles. Choose the “Courier” font style that is highlighted in the below figure and hit the “icon” located at the left top of the window:

Step 2: Insert Typewriter Font

Finally, you can type any text in the “typewriter” font. For instance, the text line “Google Docs is the best online editor tool” is written in typewriter font:

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To insert the typewriter font in Google Docs, select the “Courier” font style given in the built-in “Fonts” list. It enables users to write any text in typewriter font, or you can convert any font style into typewriter font style. Additionally, a method for mobile users is also explained for inserting the typewriter font. This guide has explained two methods to insert the typewriter font in Google Docs.