How to Install AppImage on Ubuntu?

In Linux, AppImage is a package manager allowing users to install or run applications without providing the root user privileges. This feature makes it unique and is beneficial for those shared users who can not install any software without superuser privileges in a traditional way. In addition, It does not require additional packages or dependencies to run an application. 

This guide enlists all possible ways to install the “AppImage” on Ubuntu with the following contents:

Method 1: How to Install AppImage on Ubuntu Via Terminal?

As an example, this section will show the installation of “OpenShot” through the AppImage:

Step 1: Download the AppImage 

Ensure that the AppImage is downloaded. For example, we used the following command to download the AppImage of the “OpenShot”: 

$ wget

Step 2: Make the AppImage Executable

The “AppImage” does not have the “execute” permissions by default. Run the “chmod” command with “sudo” to assign the “x(execute)” permissions as shown below:

$ sudo chmod +x OpenShot-v3.0.0-x86_64.AppImage

The green indicator shows that “OpenShot.AppImage” is now executable.

Step 3: Run the AppImage

Type the “OpenShot” in the terminal and hit the “Enter” key to launch it:

$ OpenShot

How to Remove AppImage on Ubuntu?

To remove the AppImage package, use the “rm(remove)” command with the “-f(forcefully)” flag in this way:

$ sudo rm -f OpenShot-v3.0.0-x86_64.AppImage

The “OpenShot.AppImage” package has been removed from Ubuntu.

Method 2: How to Install AppImage on Ubuntu Via GUI?

The OpenRGB’s AppImage file will show the installation through the GUI:

Step 1: Download the AppImage

Ensure that the AppImage is downloaded, as an example, the “OpenRGB.AppImage” is downloaded using its official website

Step 2: Assign Execute Permissions

Right-click on the “AppImage” file (in our case, it is OpenRGB) and hit the “Properties” option:

Navigate to the “Permissions” tab and check the highlighted check box:

Step 3: Open the AppImage

Double-click on the “OpenRGB.AppImage” package, and it will open it:

The “OpenRGB” application is opened.


On the Linux distribution Ubuntu, the “AppImage” can be easily installed through “Terminal” using the “wget” command. Its launching requires “x(execute)” permissions that can be assigned through the “chmod” command or using the “Properties” window via the GUI method. This post has illustrated CLI and GUI methods to install AppImage on Ubuntu.