How to Install Microsoft OneNote in Linux?

Microsoft OneNote is a computerized note-taking app used for noting down the important things that the user wants to remember. The OneNote helps the user to organize the data such as text images, audio, video, and much more in the form of a Notebook.

Microsoft OneNote is a window-based application, but the user can use it in Linux and its distributions, especially in Ubuntu, through the P3X OneNote. This article demonstrates various aspects of installing Microsoft OneNote in Linux. The outline of this article is given defined below:

Method 1: Install Microsoft OneNote in Linux Using Snap

Microsoft’s OneNote support can be availed from the “Snap” Packet manager. This section provides the essential steps to use Microsoft OneNote in Linux through the “P3X OneNote” application.

Let us start with the first step.

Step 1: Update Packages

To get the latest version of the new applications, update all the system packages. To do so, type the following commands on the terminal as per your Linux distribution:

For Fedora:

$ sudo dnf update

For Arch:

$ sudo pacman -Syy

For Debian/Ubuntu-based:

$ sudo apt update

Step 2: Install Snap Packet Manager

Install the “Snap” packet manager by executing the apt install command that is given below. This step is optional as most of the latest Linux distros come by default with snap support:

For Fedora:

$ sudo dnf install snapd

For Arch:

$ sudo pacman -S snapd

For Debian/Ubuntu-based:

$ sudo apt install snapd

The “Snap” packet manager is installed. In the next step, install the P3X OneNote from this package.

Note: Most Linux distributions are equipped with snap packet manager by default, so you may not need to perform step 2.

Step 3: Install P3X OneNote

Now, Install the “P3X OneNote” application from the “Snap” packet manager via the command stated below:

$ sudo snap install p3x-onenote

The “P3X OneNote” information-gathering application is installed successfully. Its version is also displayed, i.e., “2022.10.119”.

How to Use Microsoft OneNote on Linux?

First, launch it from the terminal via the following command:

$ p3x-onenote

You can also launch it through GUI. To do so, open the “Show Applications” window and move to the “Search” bar. Type the keyword or name of the “P3X OneNote” application in the “Search” bar. After searching, click on the “P3X OneNote” application to open it:

Sign in or Create a New Account

The “P3X OneNote” application leads to the “Microsoft Sign-in” page. Enter the email in the “Sign-in” section to login into the “Microsoft OneNote” account. If you are a new user, then create a new account to continue the process:

Next, enter the registered email password and press the “Sign in” button:

After that, a dialogue box will pop up which asks for permission to stay signed in if the user doesn’t want to sign in again next time. In this situation, mark the checkbox checked and continue the procedure by clicking on the “Yes” button:

The launching procedure is completed here. The new page will open, containing the “Get my first notebook” button to create the new notebook for gathering information. The user can skip this step by using the “Skip” option available at the bottom of the current page:

The “P3X OneNote” window is opened. Now the user can create the notes according to the requirements:

Removing the Microsoft OneNote in Linux Using Snap

After using “P3X OneNote”, the user can remove it from the Linux system. To do so, the following command is utilized (if OneNote is installed via the snap):

$ sudo snap remove p3x-onenote

The package has been removed, as shown in the screenshot.

Method 2: Install Microsoft OneNote in Linux Using AppImage

The AppImage is a universal application beneficial for all Linux distributions. The AppImage does not require any other external libraries because everything is available in the image file.

Here, we will demonstrate the AppImage support of Microsoft OneNote.

Step 1: Download the AppImage

Execute the following command to download the latest version of “P3X OneNote” for the 64-bit operating system:

$ wget

Note: Click Here to get the latest “Appimage” file via the link:

The installation process is started as shown below screenshot:

Step 2: Make the AppImage Executable

Change the downloaded file permission to launch in Linux. Because the current permission does not allow the file to run. To perform this task, run the change file permission “chmod” command on the terminal:

$ sudo chmod a+x P3X-OneNote-2022.10.117.AppImage

Step 3: Launch the “P3X OneNote”

In the last step, the “P3X OneNote” is ready to use after the downloaded file permission is updated. Use the following command with the “./” before the filename to run “P3X OneNote”:

$ ./P3X-OneNote-2022.10.117.AppImage

Method 3: Install Microsoft OneNote in Linux Using Npm                                    

The “Npm” is the “Node Package Manager” that can be installed on the Linux operating system and its distributions. It is used to install JavaScript software packages along with their configurations. These software packages in the “npm” are written in JSON. In this method, the “P3X OneNote” is installed using the “npm” packet manager. To achieve this task, follow some essential steps:

Step 1: Install Npm Package Manager

Firstly, install the “npm” packet manager in the current Linux operating system. To do so, run the following install commands:

For Fedora:

$ sudo dnf install npm

For Arch Linux:

$ sudo pacman -S npm

For Debian/Ubuntu Based:

$ sudo apt install npm

The “npm” packet manager is installed successfully in the Linux system.

Step 2: Install the “P3X OneNote” Application

After that, install the “P3X OneNote” application from the “npm” packet manager by typing the command:

$ sudo npm install -g p3x-onenote --unsafe-perm=true --allow-root

The installation process is completed, and the “P3X OneNote” is installed successfully.

Step 3: Open the “P3X OneNote”

Type the “P3X OneNote” command on the terminal to open it:

$ p3x-onenote

That’s all about this article.


In Linux and its distributions, the “P3X OneNote” package is available to use the “Microsoft OneNote” that can be installed using the command “sudo snap install p3x-onenote”. The other installation methods include using the “AppImage” or the “Npm” packaging tool. In this article, the three most efficient methods are described to install “P3X OneNote”, which led to installing the “Microsoft OneNote” in Linux.