How to Install OpenRGB on Ubuntu 22.04?

OpenRGB is the free, open-source software that allows users to set RGB devices of different Brands with Colour and effects. All are synced with one resource-saving application that also, in some cases, offers even more individuality to address each single RGB Led. Moreover, it runs multiple official brand resources having software with limitations. The OpenRGB generally runs on Windows, Mac, Linux, and its distributions. In this post, various methods are listed to install OpenRGB in Ubuntu 22.04.

Method 1: Install OpenRGB by Adding PPA Repository

PPA is a set of packages hosted on the launchpad servers. The PPA software repository can be created by everyone, but only the Ubuntu user can use it. The step-by-step instructions are illustrated below to perform this task.

Step 1: Add PPA Repository

First,  add the “PPA” repository in Ubuntu 22.04 to install the “OpenRGB” packages. Because the Ubuntu 22.04 official repository does not contain the “OpenRGB” application. For this purpose, type the following apt command on the terminal(Ctrl+Alt+T):

$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:thopiekar/openrgb

The “PPA” repository is added to the Ubuntu 22.04.

Step 2: Update the System packages

Update the system to get the latest packages of all software packages. Run the apt update command to perform this task:

$ sudo apt update

All the system packages are now updated.

Step 3: Install OpenRGB

Execute the apt command to install the “OpenRGB” application from the “PPA” repository:

$ sudo apt install openrgb

The “OpenRGB” application is installed successfully in Ubuntu 22.04.

Step 4: Verify the “OpenRGB”

The “OpenRGB” installation process can be verified by running the following command that is used to check the version of “OpenRGB”:

$ openrgb --version

How to Use an OpenRGB Application?

There are two ways to launch the OpenRGB application in Ubuntu 22.04:

  • Using Terminal
  • Using Graphical User Interface

Using Terminal

Once the installation is completed, open the “OpenRGB” application by typing the command on the terminal given below:

$ openrgb

Using GUI

Search for the “openrgb” in the search menu of the show applications:

How to Remove the OpenRGB Application?

Here is the command to remove OpenRGB, including all the dependencies from Ubuntu 22.04:

$ sudo apt autoremove openrgb --purge

The user can also remove the PPA repository of OpenRGB from Ubuntu with the help of the following command:

$ sudo add-apt-repository --remove ppa:thopiekar/openrgb

Now, move to the next method.

Method 2: Install OpenRGB by Using AppImage

There are multiple methods for installing the software in any Linux distribution, like downloading .deb, .rpm files, and many other package managers, i.e., Flatpak, Snaps, and AppImage. These universal package managers run on almost all Linux distributions. Here in this method, the OpenRGB application is installed with the help of AppImage. Some essential steps are described to perform this task.

Step 1: Download the OpenRGB AppImage

Download the latest release package of OpenRGB from the GitHub support of OpenRGB. We used the “$wget” command to download the “.AppImage” file:

$ wget

The OpenRGB application starts downloading after executing the command as shown in the screenshot:

Step 2: Allow the OpenRGB Permissions

Change the download file permissions to make it executable. For this purpose, the “chmod” command is useful. Type the below-mentioned command to change the “OpenRGB” permissions:

$ chmod +x OpenRGB_0.7_x86_64_6128731.AppImage

Step 3: Run the OpenRGB

Now; run the OpenRGB application by using the command that is written below:

$ ./OpenRGB_0.7_x86_64_6128731.AppImage

The OpenRGB application is successfully running on Ubuntu 22.04.

Method 3: Install OpenRGB by Using Debian Package

Here is another method for installing an OpenRGB application. This method comprises the important steps to install the OpenRGB application using the Debian package. Let’s move toward the first step to installing OpenRGB using Debian packages.

Step 1: Download the OpenRGB Debian Package

Open the official OpenRGB website with the help of provided link OpenRGB. After that, scroll down the website and move to the “Download OpenRGB 0.7 (Stable)” section and download the OpenRGB Debian package highlighted in the screenshot:

After that, run the following command on the terminal to install the OpenRGB on Ubuntu 22.04::

$ sudo dpkg -i openrgb_0.7_amd64_bullseye_6128731.deb

The output displays that the OpenRGB package is downloaded, but it comes with a dependency error. To resolve this error, move to the next step.

Step 2: Install the OpenRGB Dependencies

After the package is downloaded,  first install the OpenRGB application dependencies on Ubuntu 22.04. After that, execute the “apt install” command:

$ sudo apt install -f

That’s all from the post!


On Ubuntu 22.04, the OpenRGB application can be installed by adding the “PPA” repository and utilizing the “AppImage”. Moreover, it can also be installed via the “Debian” package of OpenRGB downloaded from the official website. In this guide, you have learned to install the OpenRGB application using the command line prompt. In addition, this post also described the usage and removal method of OpenRGB from Ubuntu.