How to Install Sticky Notes on Ubuntu 22.04?

A sticky note is a piece of paper to pen down ideas or can be used as a to-do list. The sticky notes are also available in soft form and can be used in computing/cellular devices. There are various sticky note apps available that can be obtained on numerous Operating Systems, including the Linux distributions. Here, we have demonstrated the methods to install various sticky note apps on Ubuntu 22.04. The content covered in this post is listed below:

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How to Install Indicator Sticky Notes on Ubuntu 22.04?

The “Indicator Sticky Notes” is an open-source note-taking application. It is beneficial for frequent use and is available for the distribution of Ubuntu. The “Indicator Sticky Notes” provides the settings and formatting of every single note. The user can quickly create a note and adjust its category and formatting. Let’s discuss the possible methods to install Indicator Sticky Notes on Ubuntu 22.04:

Step 1: Add PPA For Indicator Sticky Notes

Open the terminal using the shortcut key “Ctrl+Alt+T” and add the PPA repository (which contains the indicator sticky notes app) via the command:

$ sudo apt-add-repository ppa:umang/indicator-stickynotes

Step 2: Update the Repository List

The next step is to update the repositories list so that the PPA repository packages can be integrated:

$ sudo apt update

Step 3: Install Indicator Sticky Notes App

Once done, install the “Indicator Sticky notes” application after updating all the system packages. To do so, run the below-mentioned command:

 $ sudo apt install indicator-stickynotes

The “Indicator Sticky Notes” application is successfully installed.

To launch it, click on the “Show Applications” icon at the bottom left corner of the Ubuntu desktop window. It generates an application menu with a list of applications and a search bar:

Type the “Indicator Sticky Notes” in the “Search Bar” and click on the application shown in the result:

The application “Indicator Sticky Notes” is open:

Remove the Indicator Sticky Notes

To remove the “Indicator Sticky Notes” from Ubuntu 22.04, run the following apt autoremove command on the terminal:

$ sudo apt autoremove indicator-stickynotes

At this point, the “Indicator Sticky Notes” application is successfully removed from Ubuntu 22.04.

How to Install Xpad Sticky Notes on Ubuntu 22.04?

The “Xpad” is another Ubuntu sticky notes application used for writing down important points to remember. This application contains various text boxes and customizes the text by changing the background color, font style, and font color. Moreover, the “Xpad” sticky notes can save different types of information that the user wants to remember. The “Xpad” application is available in the “Ubuntu Software” or can also install by using the Command line Interface:

Using Terminal

First, open the terminal using the “Ctrl+Alt+T” shortcut key. Execute the apt command to install the “Xpad” application on Ubuntu 22.04:

$ sudo apt install Xpad

After running the following apt command, the “Xpad” application is successfully installed.

Using GUI

The “Xpad” application is available in the “Ubuntu Software” center by default, located in the dock panel. Press the “Ubuntu Software” icon and use the “Search” bar for searching the name of the “Xpad” sticky notes. After that, click on the “Xpad” application

Next, hit the “install” button to start the installation process of the “Xpad” application:

An authentication prompt will appear, enter the password:

After completing the installation, navigate to the “Show Application” icon and type the name of the “Xpad” application in the “Search” bar:

Open the “Xpad” application and you will observe the following interacting interface of the application:

Remove the Xpad Notes

Run the apt autoremove command to uninstall or remove the “Xpad” application from Ubuntu 22.04:

$ sudo apt autoremove xpad

Note: The user can remove this app from the Ubuntu Software Center the same way it was installed.

How to Install KNotes on Ubuntu 22.04?

KNotes is another application of sticky notes that jot down the important things the user wants to keep in front all the time. These notes are saved automatically even when the user exit the program unintentionally. Like an “Xpad” application the “KNotes” is also available in the Ubuntu Official repository:

Using Terminal

To install the “KNotes” application of sticky notes, run the apt command on the terminal as follows:

$ sudo apt install knotes

The “KNotes” application is successfully installed now.

Using GUI

Click on the “Ubuntu Software” icon and search for the “KNotes” application:

After searching, press the “Xpad” application and hit the “install” button:

Enter the user password and hit Authenticate button:

Now, move to the “Show Application” icon and hit the “Search” bar. Type the “KNotes” application in the search bar and open it:

The new window of the “KNotes” application is open on the Ubuntu desktop:

Remove the KNotes

The user can remove the “KNotes” application after utilizing it. For this purpose, both the GUI and CLI interfaces are helpful.

To remove the “KNotes” application from Ubuntu 22.04, type the apt autoremove command in the terminal:

$ sudo apt autoremove knotes

The “KNotes” application is successfully removed from Ubuntu 22.04.

Note: It can also be removed using the Ubuntu Software Center.

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On Ubuntu 22.04, various sticky note apps are available on the official repository, as well as third-party app support. The “Xpad” and “KNotes” can be installed using the “ $ sudo apt install Xpad” and “$ sudo apt install knotes” commands. However, the “Indicator Sticky Notes” app can be availed on Ubuntu 22.04 from the PPA support. In this post, you have learned to install the three most useful sticky note apps on Ubuntu 22.04.