How to install Team Viewer on Debian 11

TeamViewer is a powerful tool for providing and receiving remote, easy, quick, and secure support. It is funded by Microsoft and offers a wide range of solutions. Installing TeamViewer on Debian 11 is quite handy since you can conduct support and control tasks using a remote Linux desktop. You can view another computer’s screen and use its features the same way you do with your own. Because you don’t have to travel physically, you can execute work remotely, saving money on infrastructure expenditures and benefiting everyone.

How to install TeamViewer using a Graphical user interface (GUI)

You can install team viewer by opening any web browser and entering the following link mentioned below.

After opening it, you will see the download links for different distributions for Linux OS at the bottom. You need to click on the setup available for Debian OS at the bottom left of the screen that you can see in the image below.

After clicking on the link mentioned above, a new popup window will appear where you need to save the file.

This will download the file in Debian (.deb) format. After that, you need to right-click on the downloaded application and select the option of “Open with other application,” as shown below.

Selecting this option will open a new window from where you can install the team viewer application, and so some of its details as shown below.

How to install TeamViewer using the terminal

This process requires you to download the team viewer application again as you did previously, but this time with a terminal. The installation file can then be downloaded by typing.


Now, as you have downloaded the required file, so now you can install it by typing the following command in the terminal

Sudo apt install ./teamviewer_amd64.deb

How to use the TeamViewer application

In addition to the application manager, you can also open the team viewer application from the terminal shown below. To find it from the application manager, you need to write its name on the search bar as displayed below.

This application can be opened in the terminal with the following command.


Opening this application will show you your ID, and you need to put the partner ID as well to whom you want to communicate.

How to remove team viewer application

You can delete team viewer by typing the below-mentioned command in the terminal

$ sudo apt remove teamviewer

You can also remove it by opening the application manager, selecting the “Installation” tab, and then select the team vieiwer application to remove it from the system.


Team viewer is one of the most commonly used applications for communication between two or multiple devices. If you are facing any difficulty in your system applications, then you can take the help of any computer professional who can address your problem remotely. This will also save your traveling cost as well as your time.