How to Invite Someone to a Discord Server

Discord is an online communication app most commonly used by the gamer community, that allows its users to interact via messages, text, and video calls. On video calls, it facilitates the option of live-streaming and screen sharing. Discord users create servers to interact with the group of people. These servers can further have separate text and voice channels. Only the admin alone in the server can do nothing, so there is a need to invite friends or people from contacts to join these servers and build an online community. For this purpose, Discord servers have a built-in “invite people” feature. 

This article will cover the following main headings in detail:

How to Invite Someone to a Discord Server Desktop

Discord servers are the spaces created within Discord for friends and colleagues to interact. Most of the private servers are invite-only, while large servers are public, and are accessible to anybody on Discord. If you want somebody to join your private server, you can invite them via an instant invite link that would last for a minimum of 30 minutes or expire never. When the invited users accept the invitation, the server becomes accessible to them, and they can start participating in the ongoing activities of the server. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to invite someone to a Discord server on a Desktop:

Step 1: Open the Discord App

Hit the Win+S keys from the keyboard to open the start menu and type Discord. Select the open option to launch the app:

Step 2: Open Server

From the left corner of the main window, choose the server. Right-click on server’s name to launch a drop-down menu. Click on Invite People

Step 3: Customize Invite Link

From the pop-up window, click on Edit Invite Link to customize your invite link according to your preference:

From the server invite link settings, you can avail of the following options:

  1. Expire After: Set the time for this invite link to expire. After this limited time, anybody who tries to join the server with this link won’t be able to join. The minimum time can be 30 minutes and the maximum can be for an infinite period of time. 
  2. Max Number of Users: From this section, you can limit the number of members that can access your server through this link. This limit can range from 1 use to infinite uses.
  3. Grant Temporary Membership: Toggle it on to grant temporary membership to the members. Once they leave the server, they won’t be able to join the server again without a new invitation link.

Once you are done with the customization of your invite link, click on Generate New Link:

Step 4: Send Invitation

Now that your invite link is set to share, hit on Invite in front of the name of the member you want to send an invite to. This will send the invitation to the other member on the Discord:

If you want to invite someone on your Discord who is not in your friends list or Discord, click on Copy and share the copied link via other communication apps:

How to Invite Someone to a Discord Server Mobile

Inviting someone to a Discord server on mobile is similar to that for a desktop. However, there is a little difference in a few steps. Follow the step by step-by-step guide given below to invite someone to a Discord server on mobile:

Step 1: Open the Discord App

Navigate to the Discord app where it is placed on your home screen and tap to launch it.

Step 2: Open the Discord Server

From the most left panel which is in a vertical shape, choose your server, and tap on it to open. Tap on the Invite icon from the top:

Step 3: Customize Your Invite Link

From the pop-up window, tap on Edit Invite Link to customize the settings according to your choice:

Choose settings from the menu as:

  1. Invite Channel: This is the name of the channel in which you are choosing to create the link. One channel’s join link grants the user access to the whole server.
  2. Advanced Settings: From the advanced settings, set the time limit for the link to be accessible and functional and set the number of its uses. You can limit the use of links to a certain number or allow it to be used for infinite times.
  3. Temporary Membership: Grant of temporary membership doesn’t allow the member to re-join the server once left, with the same link. However, a new joining link can be used to join the server again. 

After customizing your settings, tap on Save in the top right corner:

Step 4: Send an Invite

Now that your link is ready to share, click on the Invite in front of the name of your friend to directly send the invitation to Discord:

You can choose to invite people to your server outside Discord using the following options:

  1. Copy the link and share it via any app with the people whom you want to join your Discord server.
  2. Tap on Share to see multiple sharing platforms, which include communication applications within your mobile phone.

You can choose to click on other suggested apps on the screen to directly share the link via them. Discord provides a wide range of links sharing options on mobile phones, as there are multiple built-in as well as installed communication applications:

How to Temporarily Stop Someone From Joining the Server Via Invite Link?

If you have previously sent someone an invite to your server, and now you want to remove it for technical or personal reasons, then you can do this with a few clicks. See the step-by-step guide below to figure out how to remove a sent invite from a Discord server:

Step 1: Open Server Settings

Open your Discord server whose invite link you want to un-send. Do a right-click on the server’s name to launch the drop-down menu. Click on Server Settings:

Step 2: Open Invites

Scroll down the menu and open Invites:

The list of Invites is displayed which have been sent via this server. Right-click on the sent invite, and you will see an X popping up. Click on it to remove the sent invite. This will remove the invite link from the receiver’s end too:

Click on the Pause Invites to see the whole menu. Toggle the Pause Invites on and hit Save. This will stop the new members from joining the server until this option is set off again. This option can be availed in case you don’t want any new members to join the server:

This way, you can invite someone to your Discord server.


To invite someone to the Discord server, go to the server, and right-click on its name to launch a drop-down menu. Click on Invite People and customize your invite link according to your choice. You can customize it by setting the time limit, and number of uses for the link and granting temporary membership to the members. After customization, either directly send the invite to your Discord friends or copy the link to share via other communication apps.