How to Leave Discord Server on Mobile?

Discord is a social media platform frequently used all over the world. Like-minded People can converse with each other on topics of similar interests. Discord let its users build a community similar to a group on Facebook. These communities are referred to as servers. Sometimes conversations on these servers can become irrelevant and distracting. In that case, it is better to leave that particular Discord server. Upon doing so, a user will not receive any messages or notifications from that particular server. 

This article is a step-by-step guide on leaving a Discord server on a mobile device. 

How to Leave Discord Server on Mobile?

If the user owns that particular server, its ownership must be transferred to another user before leaving the server. Follow the steps exhibited below for leaving a Discord server from a mobile device.

Step 1: Open the Discord App

Go to the phone’s menu and open the Discord app by tapping on its icon:

Step 2: Go to Server Settings

Select the server from the side menu bar and tap on the “Three dots” icon as highlighted below:

Next, tap on the settings “Gear” icon to open the server settings:

Step 3: Select Member to Transfer Ownership

Scroll down and tap on the “Members” option to select the member from the list:

After that, tap on the member’s name from the list. For instance, “HansJoe” is selected for demonstration:

Step 4: Transfer Ownership

Hit the “Transfer Ownership” to make “HansJoe” the new owner of the server:

Afterward, mark the check box and tap on the “Transfer” button:

Step 5: Verification Process

Discord will ask for a verification code for security purposes:

Discord will send the user a verification code through email. To view the verification code, open the Discord verification email from the mail inbox:

Next, type the same verification code in the text field and press the “Transfer Ownership” button:

After this, server ownership will be transferred to the selected member. Hence, the user can leave the server now.

Step 5: Leave Discord Server

Go to the main server screen and tap on the 3 dots:

Then, select the “Leave Server” option:

Hit the “Yes” button in the appeared box to successfully leave the server:

That is all about leaving the Discord server on mobile. 


To leave the Discord server on mobile, open the Discord app from the menu. Navigate to the particular server and press the “Three dots” icon. After that, tap the “Settings” icon and click on the “Members” option from the list. Tap on the member’s name and hit the “Transfer Ownership” option. Then, again open the server settings and hit the “Leave Server” option. This article has provided a complete guide on how to leave the Discord server on mobile.